Year on year, more and more products for pets begin to crop up in the Christmas market. As we spend more money on our pooches and mogs, companies have come up with all sorts of ingenious products to pamper, entertain and feed our pets.

From practically indestructible dog toys that’ll keep Fido happy for hours, to an automatic laser pointer that’ll have Bagpuss in a spin, we’ve tested the best gifts for pets so you don’t have to.

1. iFetch Ball Launcher for Dogs by Loving Pets: £123.99, Amazon

It’s simple to train Fido to bring back the ball when you have iFetch. Just drop a ball into the funnel and after a few seconds it launches it either 10ft, 20ft or 30 ft away. Best used with small dogs and works indoors or out.

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2. Adi Alessi Lulà Dog Bowl: £46.23, Amazon

Not only does this look amazing, the high quality stainless steel bowl also comes with a lid to keep any pesky flies away from your dog’s food. It is expensive, though, so only one for the most pampered of pooches.

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3. Snuggle Dog & Cat Bed by Play: £48.30, PetsPyjamas

This can be used as a dog bed, sleeping bag, or mat to match your pet’s requirements – whatever they fancy. It’s made from dirt-resistant canvas and faux fur, and was a particular favourite of my cat.

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4. Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain by PetSafe: £80.99, PetsPyjamas

Happy pets need access to fresh water at all times. This fountain can keep 3.8L of water constantly oxygenated as the charcoal filter removes bad tastes and smells while the pump maintains circulation. Comes with five different spouts and is dishwasher safe.

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5. Silly Bum Dog Toy: £5.99, Dogs Trust Gifts

There are two bums to tug here: beaver or skunk. Either way these plush toys are a fun alternative to the typical pull toy. They’re surprisingly resistant, too, and at 22cm long they’re small enough to pop in your pocket to produce on a walk.

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6. Henry Holland Blue Tartan Dog Bed: £60, PetsPyjamas

Inspired by House of Holland’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection and modelled by Henry’s French Bulldog Peggy, this is a bed for the most luxe-loving of hounds. Made from navy and orange wool tartan fabric backed with a turquoise fleece.

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7. Aesop Animal Wash: £25, Aesop

Sometimes a splash in the river will do. For all those other times there’s this: Aesop’s gentle wash cleanses and deodorises your canine pal’s fur leaving them smelling of lemons, tea tree oil and spearmint. Plus, the formula’s concocted with the same love and care that their human products are created.

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8. Frolicat Dart Automatic Cat Teaser by PetSafe: £37.99, PetsPyjamas

Your cat will go wild for this rotating laser pointer – just turn it on and watch as the laser randomly jerks in a circle. It has 4 adjustable speeds and 4 timer settings to ensure 360° of frolicking. Just be aware: it’s quite loud.

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9. Pawditch Dog & Lead Gift Set: £50, PetsPyjamas

Shoreditch hipsters meet dogwear and the result is this amusing capsule collection from PetsPyjamas. The weatherproof camo set is lined with super soft fleece and is machine washable – ideal for whatever hijinks your dog chum might get up to this winter.

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10. Busy Buddy Ultra Woofer Toy: £6.99, PetSafe

Made from nylon and durable vanilla-scented rubber this strong toy is ideal for any dog. Just unscrew the toy and pop a rawhide treat in and watch as your hound goes wild for ages trying to get at its treat. Just make sure you stock up on rawhide rings.

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For the cat lovers among you the Frolicat is a lot of fun and will keep your moggy entertained for hours. The iFetch keeps dogs occupied, but might not be suitable for small flats. If you’re looking for value go for the Ultra Woofer toy or the Silly Bum Dog Toy as a stocking filler for your pets.

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