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If the government bans the ‘rough sex’ defence, what would it mean?

The Home Office announced it will be looking at ‘rough sex’ laws as part of the new Domestic Abuse Bill, but what will it mean? Sophie Gallagher asks campaigners

It’s time for the women of the 1960s and 1970s to protest again

This generation of grandmothers came from the Sixties and Seventies, many marching against Vietnam, experimenting with sexual liberation, burning our bras and ‘making love not war’ writes Gillian Triggs. Now it’s time to protest again, demanding true gender equality

Tim Berners-Lee says the internet is not working for women and girls

'This should concern us all,' said the world wide web creator


Charlotte Cripps The old me would have been off on a year-long bender

When Charlotte Cripps gets a windfall after her great aunt dies, she thanks her lucky stars the cash didn’t arrive when she was in the depths of her addiction – she might never have made it out

International Women’s Day: When and how did the annual event start?

The day has been celebrated for more than a century

Nine things I’ve learnt about myself in nine long months of pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn't necessarily develop your maternal instinct, but it will hone your ability to spot men on the tube pretending to be asleep, says Cathy Adams