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Sliding glaciers ‘a new threat’ as global warming melts ice

Meltwater caused a 500-metre slab of ice to cascade down an Alaskan valley — and researchers say warmer summers are making similar events more likely

Unearthed Ancient British chieftain and shaman reveal burial secrets

Exclusive: The key evidence for his high status is the unusually fine material buried with him for his journey to the next life, writes David Keys

As people stay indoors wildlife returns to the streets

Humans can easily forget that the cities and towns they call home and frequently visit are also home to wild animals, writes Sandra E Garcia. In Wales, goats roam the streets, while in San Francisco the Coyotes have come out

Oxford University to begin human trials of Covid-19 vaccine next week

More than 500 people enrol to test jab following trials in animals

Summer heat 'cannot be expected' to slow spread of coronavirus

Received wisdom doesn't hold up in pandemics, experts say