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Why Kitty Green’s Weinstein-inspired ‘The Assistant’ needs to be seen

The director’s feature film debut arrives in the wake of the #MeToo movement. She tells Alexandra Pollard why the problems run much deeper than one bad man 

The forgotten auteur who revolutionised female desire on screen

With his work on ‘9½ Weeks’, ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ and ‘Wild Orchid’, Zalman King introduced millions to new, erotic realms of cinematic pleasure. Kubrick also had him on his speed-dial. As ‘Wild Orchid’ turns 30, Adam White explores King’s forgotten legacy, and the collaborators eager to see him reappraised


Geoffrey Macnab How Toy Story helped Pixar change cinema

As Pixar’s first animated feature turns 25, Geoffrey Macnab explores what makes its titles surefire crowd-pleasers

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Geoffrey Macnab Why did the great plays of Arthur Miller make for such bad films?

While film versions of plays by Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee did roaring trade at the box office, Miller’s work stuttered. But 60 years on, ‘The Misfits’ stands as the purest and least compromised of any of the films in which Miller was involved, says Geoffrey Macnab