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Pentagon chief contradicts Trump: Some US troops will stay in Syria

'We have troops in towns in northeast Syria that are located next to the oil fields,' defence secretary says

21 best online beauty stores

Whether you are looking for targeted skincare or cruelty-free makeup, these sites offer the best beauty products available 

The budget no-smudge lipstick that is French Girl-approved

This $8 lipstick is almost impossible to smudge and can last an entire day with only a minor touch-up

ACLU sues to restore voting rights to freed felons in Minnesota

Complaint suggests voting restrictions disproportionately impact communities of colour, given nature of criminal justice system

UK area of natural beauty becomes first ‘dark sky’ reserve of its kind

‘We think of our beautiful landscapes as being on the ground but 50 per cent of our landscape is above our heads, in the sky’

Ethnic minorities earn 10% less than white workers in UK, study shows

Removing effects of such attributes as education, location and kind of jobs ethnic groups choose still reveals wide and persistent pay gap

The Simpsons spoof Stranger Things in 666th episode

'Treehouse of Horror XXX' is the show’s latest Halloween special

Miley Cyrus faces backlash for saying you 'don’t have to be gay'

The singer's comments have aroused anger from some sections of the LGBT community