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NHS executive sends incredible thank you letter to Justin Bieber

Our beady eyes spot eight references to Biebs' bangers. How many can you find?

Queen’s reflects on ‘moments of darkness’ in annual Christmas speech

Despite the seriousness of her message, she made a light-hearted reference to her approaching 90th birthday on April 21

Gamers report problems with PSN after hackers promise cyberattack

Hacker groups promised to attack both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Christmas Day

We are giving a Syrian refugee a home this Christmas

We share food, photos and a love of kilts - Hamza is a welcome addition to our Scottish festivities   

This is why you should buy the men’s version of almost anything

Radio Flyer sells a red scooter for boys and a pink scooter for girls. Both feature plastic handlebars, three wheels and a foot brake. Both weigh about five pounds.

Christmas 2015: shoppers expected to spend £6.4bn on festive food

Tesco accounts for 27 per cent of supermarket spend in the run up to the Christmas period

Scientists discover the secret of the perfect Christmas present

Choosing a present that reflects your personality, and not what you think the receiver would like, is the secret to making someone's Christmas