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Writer Jack Thorne on leaving things out of His Dark Materials for TV

The writer of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ and ‘Kiri’ talks to Charlotte Cripps about adapting Philip Pullman, workaholism, sexism in the TV industry, the disgusting prejudice against disabled people, and his latest Channel 4 drama, ‘The Accident’

Kim Gordon: ‘You can’t forgive someone if they don’t say sorry’

The former Sonic Youth frontwoman talks to Alexandra Pollard about her debut solo record, the dissolution of her 29-year marriage to Thurston Moore, and why the music industry is full of ‘entitled men who don’t realise there are boundaries’

The first trailer for The Crown season 3 is finally here

Royal drama’s long-awaited third series will air in November

Leaked Star Wars 9 image is Matt Smith, say Doctor Who fans

Fans think leaked image of new alien creature is former Doctor Who star

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Meet grungy guitar-pop singer Zuzu

The artist takes a walk around London’s Cartoon Museum with Alexandra Pollard to talk self-expression, the UK’s north-south divide, and being bored of planet Earth

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Big Thief’s new album Two Hands feels astonishingly alive

It helps that the band are so tight you’d think they’d learnt to read one another’s minds. There’s an element of spontaneity and a live sound like few other releases this year

[BLANK] review: A potent exploration of the criminal justice system

There are 100 scenes in the full script of Alice Birch’s [BLANK], which marks the 40th anniversary of reformative theatre company Clean Break

Cuban ballet star Alicia Alonso dies aged 98

Cuba’s president thanked her for her ‘immortal work’