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Kim Gordon: ‘You can’t forgive someone if they don’t say sorry’

The former Sonic Youth frontwoman talks to Alexandra Pollard about her debut solo record, the dissolution of her 29-year marriage to Thurston Moore, and why the music industry is full of ‘entitled men who don’t realise there are boundaries’

James Blunt on Brexit, his father, and his new album Once Upon a Mind

The singer-songwriter talks to Ed Cumming about political limbo, his personal new album, being mistaken for a Star Wars fan, and why being on stage is like removing your clothes and not impressing anyone

Foals’s new album is fittingly chaotic but too perfunctory

This isn’t a political record, as such, but it’s a suitably frantic appendage to the times we’re living in, all chaotic squalling and noisy destruction

Floating Points – Crush: An insight into Sam Shepherd’s brilliant mind

Electronic artist, who has a PhD in neuroscience, structures many tracks as though the beats are playing a game of tag

Now Hear This: Nick Cave, FEET, Stereo Honey and King Princess

In her weekly column, our music correspondent goes through the best new releases