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Supply teacher jailed for sexual assaults on primary school children

School had not heard of previous allegations against offender

Actress who was sexually abused in care speaks out against system

'If we continue to privatise children's homes or any aspect of care of other people and we monetise it, it becomes a very dangerous game,' says Samantha Morton, who grew up in Nottinghamshire care homes

Woman ‘raped as schoolgirl’ lacked support from teachers, court hears

‘I was too scared to go and ask for help,’ victim says

Priest who ‘horrifically' abused two schoolboys jailed for 18 years

'They were both threatened with violence and both were struck with a strap or a belt'

‘Peter Pan nanny’ sexually abused boys as young as six

Predatory paedophile advertised services to unsuspecting parents online claiming to be ‘nurturing, reassuring and supportive’

Over 130 suspected child sex offenders arrested in police raids

National Crime Agency calls for technology companies to do more to stop sexual abuse images spreading after massive crackdown

80,000 people in UK pose sex threat to children online

Child protection officers ‘shocked by the scale of the threat,’ says home secretary Sajid Javid