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Travel desk Where should you go on holiday in 2020?

Out travel team pick out the top destinations and hot trends for the year to come

Emerging from Isis genocide, Yazidis in Armenia open temple

In the opening part of her new series, Lemma Shehadi, this year’s winner of The Independent’s Rupert Cornwell prize for foreign journalism, travels to Aknalich, Armenia, to report on the opening of the biggest Yazidi temple in the world and finds a community attempting a renaissance  

Armenia: Protest leader Nikol Pashinyan elected prime minister

Russia has stayed on the sidelines in Armenia's bloodless popular uprising

Armenian president: 'ready to stand between police and protesters'

 Armen Sarkissian, who helped design Tetris, has played key mediator role in recent upheaval

My conversation with the son of Soghomon Tehlirian

‘He was not what an assassin should be. He first told me the story of how he killed Mehmet Talaat Pasha when I was 10’

German MPs get police protection after Armenia 'genocide' vote

Politicians of Turkish origin warned not to travel to Turkey or risk personal security

Hand of friendship is withdrawn as Turkey and Armenia squabble

A monument built to celebrate friendship between Turkey and Armenia is being dismantled, in a gesture that shows how much an attempted rapprochement between the two nations has stalled.

More than one in 10 nuclear power plants at risk from earthquakes

Many stations are in countries that would be less able than Japan to cope with disasters