If you’re starting to feel chilly when you climb into bed at night, it may be time to change your duvet to one that’s going to keep you snug in the colder months ahead. You have two options – either go for a heavier tog duvet (ideally anything over 10 tog for winter) or get an all-seasons duvet (multiple duvets that you can attach together for the winter).

The duvet filling requires serious consideration. Synthetic microfibre duvets are good for allergy sufferers, as well as generally being more affordable. But those with deeper pockets may prefer the more luxurious feel of natural fillings, such as feather or down (or both combined). Some natural fillings, such as silk, are also good for allergy sufferers and there are also some specially-designed fillings available too, as with Rested Outlast All Seasons.

​Breathability is key if you’re prone to waking up sweaty and don’t forget the casing, which you don’t want to feel scratchy against your skin through your duvet cover. Finally, make sure the filling is evenly distributed and consider if you’ll want to be able to wash and dry your duvets at home. All the duvets listed here are available in sizes single, double, king and super king unless stated otherwise.

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Scooms All Seasons Duvet: from £195, Scooms

All-seasons duvets generally consist of a 4.5 tog duvet for summer and a 9 tog duvet for spring and autumn, both with buttons or poppers to fix them together for extra warmth for winter. But while it seems like a heaven-sent concept, in reality they are often tricky to fix together and twist round inside the duvet cover, having the ironic effect of destroying restful slumber.

Not so with this seriously luxurious duvet made from 90 per cent Hungarian goose down (plus 10 per cent goose feather for a bit of weight) that has enough poppers to keep the duvets securely fastened, while the cotton casing is as soft as they come. It’s all sustainably sourced, anti-dust mite and there are no chemical nasties, plus it comes with all the top independent industry certifications. You get free next day delivery and if you don’t like it after 60 days, you can get your money back.

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Silentnight Airmax 10.5 Tog: from £32.99, Amazon

Here’s another innovative duvet, this time with a big pocket of air between the two duvets, which gives you more insulation without adding more weight. An ideal solution to those who feel the cold, but don’t like the feel of heavy duvets, this hypoallergenic hollowfibre duvet also has air-mesh sides to keep the air flowing and to stop the build-up of moisture.

We also like the special stitching to stop cold spots appearing, keeping the duvet the same thickness throughout, right up to the edges. It washes particularly well in the washing machine and comes with a five-year guarantee. A great lightweight duvet that’s easy to keep fresh – and there are Airmax pillows and mattress toppers available too.

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Tielle Duck Down Duvet 10.5 Tog: from £165, Tielle

The 4.5 tog version of this is one of our favourites for summer, largely because of its light-as-air feel. So we weren’t initially convinced the winter version would be snug enough. But despite the same soft down, feather-light feel, it has a little more weight and really does keep you toasty even on really chilly nights.

Everything about Tielle’s offering smacks of quality – the smooth cotton casing, the piped edges and the top-notch ethically sourced packaging. Not one for those who like cocooning themselves in bedding, but for anyone who prefers a duvet to float over them, keeping out winter chills, this is a corker.

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Dormeo Evercomfy Aloe Vera: from £29.99, Dormeo

Listed as one of Nasa’s top air-improving plants, aloe vera has many health-inducing qualities, one of which is that it emits oxygen at night, making for particularly restful sleep. So it was only a matter of time before someone tried to get some of this natural medicine into bedding.

This aloe vera enriched microfibre duvet is the result and we were impressed. At 13.5 tog, it’s puffy in the extreme and the aloe vera extract doesn’t have an overpowering pong as we’d suspected it might. It’s hypoallergenic and breathable and can go in the washing machine – and even the tumble dryer, provided it’s on a low heat.

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Julian Charles Feels Like Down: from £55, Julian Charles

Like the feeling of down, but don’t want to fork out for it? Or perhaps you suffer from allergies that mean a down duvet wouldn’t be advisable anyway. This is a good compromise, with thousands of microfibre clusters giving the cosy, lightweight feel of goose down but in a hypoallergenic, man-made filling that drapes beautifully over you as you sleep and has the added benefit of being able to be washed at home.

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Slumberdown Winter Warm 15 Tog Duvet: from £22, Argos

The stand-out feature with this affordable duvet is the whopping great 15 tog weight – ideal for people who get really cold. And as it’s made from spun polyester, it’s non-allergenic. While there are different varieties of hollowfibre available, this one uses the classic type, which we found warm and snug, with a good drape – and it came out as good as new after going in the washing machine and tumble drier, too. Only available up to king size.

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Woolroom Luxury Alpaca Blend Duvet Warm: from £170.99, Woolroom

This is the only duvet available in the UK that’s organic and is made entirely from sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fibres – and that includes the packaging. As it’s made from wool, it’s also temperature-regulating (a great solution if you have night sweats), hypoallergenic (excellent if you suffer from allergies) and dust mite-resistant (with the Allergy UK seal of approval).

More great news for allergy sufferers is that the British wool and alpaca are also self-cleaning, so you won’t have to wash this as regularly as other duvets, reducing the amount of chemicals it comes into contact with. We were torn between the all seasons and the warm, which is the 11-14 tog equivalent, but went with the latter because it cocoons round the body so perfectly.

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Soak and Sleep Luxury Duck Down Duvet: from £48, Soak and Sleep

Made from 60 per cent duck down and the rest feather, this duvet is extra-insulating with a lofty, soft and snug feel. Either go for the 13.5 tog or the all-seasons and expect a major difference to your night’s sleep, especially if you like to stay warm but are prone to sweating at night. You can also rest assured that all the feather and down is sourced from birds already used in the food industry, adhering to strict animal welfare standards.

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Silentnight Warm and Cosy Duvet 13.5 Tog: from £17.99, Amazon

Here’s our top recommendation for anyone off to uni, or is buying on a budget. It’s very slightly less lofty than the Slumberdown duvet, as well as being marginally lighter, but it has a similar hollowfibre filling that’s non-allergenic and comes out a treat after going in the washing and drying machines. Not one for those who get sweaty at night, though. Only available up to king size.

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Ikea Rodtoppa: from £50, Ikea

Lyocell and fluffy soft synthetic fibres have been used in the filling of this 12 tog duvet. This, together with a 55 per cent lyocell and 45 per cent cotton cover, ensures that it’s breathable – good for those who are prone to perspiring at night. It’s also good for dust allergy sufferers as it is washable at 60C, a temperature that kills dust mites. Available up to king size.

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Fogarty Superfull: from £20, Dunelm Mill

If you like your duvet as thick, bouncy and full as they come, with the kind of filling that springs back into a perfectly neat hotel-like finish when you make your bed in the morning, then this 13.5 tog duvet is for you. Made from non-allergenic treated fabric and with spiral fibre filling, it’s likely to be the thickest duvet you ever own and it’s nice and light, as well as being a bargain.

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Nimbus Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet: from £270, The Fine Bedding Company

The problem with sleeping under a Hungarian goose down duvet is that you never want to sleep under anything else again. The down is known for its warmth and lightness and with this duvet, it’s ethically sourced and top-grade, floating elegantly on top of the body, providing whipped-cream softness.

And the icing on the cake is the 420 thread-count cotton sateen for a silky finish. We suggest the 13.5 tog for a really toasty feel, but the 10.5 tog will suffice for those who don’t feel the cold as much as others. Either way, the pocket construction stops all the down gathering at one end – a common problem with down duvets – and it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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Gingerlily Silk Filled Duvet – Winter Weight: from £220, Gingerlily

Silk duvets are indulgent, hypoallergenic and long-lasting. And as silk is a natural heat conductor and an exceptionally breathable fibre, it adjusts to the body’s temperature as well as to the temperature in the room – making it a great choice for those that can sometimes feel cold, but other times can feel clammy and hot. But not all silk fibres are equal, with this one made from A-grade long-strand mulberry silk – the best you can get.

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The verdict: best winter duvets

The Scooms All Seasons Duvet is hands down the best all-seasons duvet we’ve ever tried. With bells on. For a synthetically filled duvet, the Slumberdown Winter Warm 15 Tog Duvet is exceptionally warm, and for sheer luxury the ridiculously comfy Nimbus Gold Hungarian Goose Down Duvet gets our vote.

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