As Samsung launches its latest in-ear wireless headphones, we compare them to the mighty Apple’s AirPods Pro to find the best pair.

True wireless headphones – the ones that don’t have any wires attached at all – not even between the two earpieces – offer the best feeling of freedom.

They fit straight into the ears and stay in place thanks to a good fit.

Over-ear headphones, which even in the case of wireless models have a headband between the two, can offer a more immersive sound, though if your in-ears have a snug fit or, even better, noise-cancelling, then these smaller headphones can be more than enough.

And they are so easy – and less bulky – to carry around, of course.

Battery life is limited with in-ear true wireless because of the size, though all have extra battery power in the supplied case, which is also there to help you not lose the little blighters.

We’ve tested the true wireless headphones for audio quality, features, comfort, how securely they stay in your ears, battery life and elegance of design.

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The verdict: Which should you buy?

There’s no doubt that when it comes to audio quality, there’s a clear winner, the AirPods Pro. Samsung has certainly improved the audio on its earbuds but there’s no comparison, even before you factor in the active noise-cancelling that Apple offers and Samsung does not. This is sublime, and on its own sets AirPods Pro ahead of pretty much every other in-ear headphones on the market.

But it’s worth noting the price difference: for many people, the extra £90 may be a step too far. Samsung offers something that is much better-priced, even if both products, because of their features and components, offer strong value.

Both pairs fit the ear snugly, with Samsung's Galaxy buds+ having the edge in terms of a secure but comfortable fit. Samsung’s battery life is much better for the earbuds alone and this could easily be a deal-breaker for many.

And though both work well with whatever device you’re using alongside, AirPods Pro do work more smoothly with Apple gadgets and Galaxy Buds+ have extra features with Android phones in general and Samsung products in particular.

The AirPods Pro are the winner here, but Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ offer a worthy, better-value alternative, even if the audio quality can’t compete.

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