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Plane crash leaves three dead after careening onto Brazilian street

Pedestrian believed to be among dead, according to city fire official

Britain’s biggest family reveal they are expecting baby number 22

Sue and Noel Radford already have 11 girls and 10 boys

US troops pelted with vegetables in protest at ‘betrayal’ in Syria

Pentagon is mulling leaving small contingent of troops in northern Syria to guard oil fields against Isis

Johnson Brexit letters ‘may be in contempt of parliament’

Prime minister faces possible legal action over his two letters to the EU – one relaying request to extend Brexit process and the other advising against it

Children dig graves to survive in war-torn Idlib

More than half of Idlib's 650,000 school-age children are unable to attend classes 

How QPR are helping battle to eradicate knife crime in London

Father and former world champion boxer Mark Prince is pushing to eradicate knife crime from the streets in the capital after his son was tragically murdered in 2006

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorses Bernie Sanders at major rally

Progressive freshman Democrat throws support behind 2020 hopeful in his return to the campaign trail after suffering a heart attack

Ethics expert on using Trump hotel for G7: ‘We've reached the bottom’

'There is no level of corruption greater than a President participating in the award of a contract to himself'

What is the blood moon and how can you see it?

Science correspondent Josh Gabbatiss explains the phenomenon that won't be visible again until 2021

Video explainer: How the Acosta video was doctored

The question of who edited the footage remains a mystery

What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

'Ethereum is already lightyears ahead of bitcoin in everything but price,' one analyst says