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Trump falsely claims he never said US could test 5m a day for Covid-19

President’s federal coronavirus testing chief said hours earlier that ‘there is absolutely no way on Earth’ US could hit that testing target

Keir Starmer attacks PM for calling UK’s handling of virus a ‘success’

Labour leader tells Commons that 27,000-plus death toll is ‘truly dreadful’

Mitt Romney attacks Trump’s handling of crisis as US death toll mounts

Utah senator was only Republican who voted to convict Trump after impeachment trial

Ricky Gervais jokes about coronavirus toilet paper shortages

‘If people are fighting over toilet rolls instead of booze, there’s something wrong,’ laughed the comedian

Meet the sustainable fashion brand making scrubs for NHS staff

“Anyone could get involved whether they’re a novice or experienced”

I went to a puppy yoga class and this is what it was like

‘They ate my socks and chewed my hair,’ says Olivia Petter, ‘but it was still one of the most enjoyable exercise classes I’ve done in years’

Trump slashes funding for leading coronavirus research group

National Health Institute halts all funding for research group studying how coronavirus spreads from bats to humans after unfounded claims it was funnelling money to a lab in Wuhan, China

El Salvador worker explains why he risks coronavirus to grow US's food

Farm labourers recently designated ‘essential workers’ by Trump administration

What is the blood moon and how can you see it?

Science correspondent Josh Gabbatiss explains the phenomenon that won't be visible again until 2021

Video explainer: How the Acosta video was doctored

The question of who edited the footage remains a mystery

What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

'Ethereum is already lightyears ahead of bitcoin in everything but price,' one analyst says