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Isis caliphate defeated: A timeline of terror group's brutal project

From its inception in Iraq to the attacks on the Bataclan, how one terror group captured the world's attention

Middle East

Richard Hall Raqqa after Isis: Mass grave reveals horror of city’s final battle

In the second part of a series from Syria, Richard Hall visits the site of the largest mass grave in Raqqa, where 80 per cent of those buried are civilians

Middle East

Richard Hall Meet the 30-year-old woman now running the former Isis capital

In the first part of a new series from Syria, Richard Hall meets Leila Mustafa, who watched the city she grew up in taken over by Isis and destroyed. Now, the 30-year-old civil engineer is back to rebuild

Isis loses last grip on Raqqa to US-backed forces

Fall of city is a potent symbol of the movement's collapsing fortunes

US-backed SDF forces in final push against Isis in Raqqa

SDF forces now poised to end Isis rule over a city it took in 2014

Isis leaders begin forcibly conscripting Syrian civilians

Faced with completely losing control of their so-called caliphate, militants announce male civilians aged between 20 and 30 must fight in their ranks 

US-backed forces make ‘significant gains’ against Isis in Raqqa

Full control of southern districts in Kurdish-Arab coalition's grasp, cutting off militant escape route to Euphrates River