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Editorial Virtual parliament has proven far more cordial – but it won’t last

Editorial: The measured tone will inevitably revert as the crisis wears on and as frustrations over major basic failings persist

Who will be in Starmer’s shadow cabinet?

A large clear out of Jeremy Corbyn’s defeated and demoralised top team appears certain

Who is deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner and what are her policies?

Victory for MP told she would ‘never amount to anything’ after becoming pregnant at 16 and leaving school without qualifications

Boris Johnson imposes three-week nationwide lockdown

PM says tough measures will be reviewed in three weeks, and admits that ‘many’ more people will die

No 10 relents to pressure and gives MPs power to review virus measures

‘We have heard the concerns about the need for periodic review of the powers in the bill,’ says PM’s spokesperson

Burgon: Labour MPs’ ‘disgraceful behaviour’ stopped Corbyn government

Deputy leadership candidate also insists Labour has no future ‘politically, morally or electorally’ if it drops anti-austerity politics

Editor’s letters

John Rentoul Trying to call US political outcomes is always a tricky business

Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn may have strong parallels, but Sanders is sharper-tongued and less anti-capitalist, and doesn’t have an antisemitism problem, writes John Rentoul