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News analysis

Andrew Grice How will Starmer’s shadow team hold up in the battle ahead?

Analysis: From tackling antisemitism to establishing Labour’s credibility on economics once more, the challenges are numerous following Corbyn’s departure, writes Andrew Grice

Starmer appoints leadership rival Lisa Nandy shadow foreign secretary

Sir Keir Starmer has appointed leadership rival Lisa Nandy shadow foreign secretary as he started unveiling a new core team in the wake of his landslide election as the party’s new leader.

We urgently need an effective opposition – Starmer needs to build one

Editorial: The shadow Brexit secretary is expected to win his party’s leadership election. We hope he comes to represent a politics of the centre that is socially just, green and internationalist

Labour would have moved faster to curb coronavirus outbreak – Corbyn

Labour leader says failure to test nearly half a million NHS staff and care workers is ‘ludicrous’

Coronavirus should have forced parliament to shut down a week ago

If such a step is implemented, people might actually realise they need to take action

PM promises to protect tenants from eviction during virus crisis

Prime minister tells House of Commons he will do 'everything it takes' to support workers during outbreak

Move over, Corbyn, there’s a new opposition in the house – Sajid Javid

Despite a damning NHS report on life expectancy, the only scrutiny Boris Johnson faced at this week’s PMQs was when Javid rose from the backbenches to give his customary post-resignation statement

Boris Johnson faces outrage over fall in life expectancy

Boris Johnson has been urged to take action over a “lost decade” which has seen life expectancy fall for some of the UK’s poorest people after years of Tory austerity.