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Repay the sacrifices of Britain’s poorest with a greener country

It’s not enough for the government to abandon some of the destructive shibboleths of the past. It must go further and make the health, resilience and wellbeing of people the focus of all public policy

National politics is over for the Green Party

The climate column: Even if the next general election produced a government that introduced proportional representation, it would be the mid-2030s before any Green policies produced results

Labour running out of time as poll surge stalls, poll indicates

Exclusive: Conservatives nine points ahead on 41 per cent as election day looms, as Jeremy Corbyn struggles to win over enough Remain voters

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These are the issues that should have been debated in this election

Far more attention has been paid to Labour’s plans to cut rail fares by a third, for example, than to the question of how to decarbonise the whole of our transport system

Lib Dems accused of ‘giving up’ on Final Say referendum

Jo Swinson’s party faces cross-party backlash after dramatic switch to backing pre-Christmas general election instead

Green parties celebrate historic wins in Swiss election

Leader ‘completely overwhelmed’ by surprise vote surge

Farage says Brexit Party preparing to fight general election

‘That work starts this afternoon,’ says leader as he piles pressure on Tories

Green Party beats Tories into fifth as 'wave' of support sweeps EU

‘Our message of “yes to Europe, no to climate change” clearly resonated strongly,’ says UK co-leader Sian Berry