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Cardboard boxes put on pupils’ heads to stop cheating in exams

‘This is inhuman and a civilised society will never accept such an idea,’ says local education board

Maths A-level exam paper leaked online for third year in row

Exam board investigation has already found one centre in ‘serious breach of correct practice’

Girls less likely to say they are clever despite better exam results

More than one in five children say they are not intelligent when they start secondary school

Romeo and Juliet error on GCSE paper to cost exam board £175k

Exams watchdog Ofqual has deemed the paper not ‘fit for purpose’ after it confused the Capulets and the Montagues in the Shakespeare play

Algeria and Iraq shut down internet to stop students cheating in exams

'Shutting down digital communication often disproportionately harms marginalised and vulnerable groups, cripples the local economy, and creates cascades of chaos'

Young people sacrificing ‘vital life skills’ to cope with exams

Only 11% of parents feel well prepared to help their children in the coming academic year  

GCSE pass rates rise at fee-paying schools

Over a third of GCSE entries from fee-paying school pupils were awarded the top grade of A*, almost five times higher than the national average