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Politics explained

Sean O'Grady Delays in help for self-employed will cost Tories votes for years

The self-employed should be natural Tory voters, but they won’t forget this delay in helping them at a time of crisis, writes Sean O'Grady

Tory voters want to tax the rich, survey finds

'Schism' between views of Tory voters and business leaders creates dilemma for prime minister

Johnson retreats on false claim life expectancy gap is narrowing

Prime minister 'making things up' - after official statistics showed gap is widening because of 'greater gains' by wealthiest

Boris Johnson to impose new restrictions on EU immigration

Labour describes proposals as ‘ill-informed and reactionary’

Live: Corbyn apologises for Labour’s disastrous election

Follow all the latest developments as they happened

Boris Johnson makes entire cabinet recite campaign lies in unison

Ministers parrot misleading claims about new hospitals and nurses at PM's request