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I brought Labour MPs to Change UK – but I wouldn't join the Lib Dems

Despite a number of defections recently, it’s unclear what the party represents. Are they a repository for left-wing protest votes? Or are they a conglomeration of the politically homeless?

Chuka Umunna: Why I should have joined the Lib Dems straight away

"There's only space for one main centre-ground proposition"

Chuka Umunna lands Liberal Democrat treasury spokesperson job

‘I will dive straight in and get on with that in addition to, of course, continuing to serve my constituents in Streatham’

Everything you need to know about European Parliament elections

What the vote is about, when it is happening, and what it means

'Never heard of them, mate': Change UK's struggle against indifference

They may be avoiding the milkshakes, but with days to go until the European elections and rival parties dominating the headlines, are Change UK's candidates doing enough to get noticed?

You can't push for Brexit and be a voice for UK business

Not only does the shadow minister want Brexit, but refuses to commit to a Final Say vote too. And all the while, high street shop owners are becoming increasingly frustrated

Labour takes sizeable poll lead over Tories as Brexit Party surges

More than half the public now wish there had never been an EU referendum