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Primary teacher banned from schools over Islamophobic posts

Department of Education found 53-year-old made ‘sustained offensive posts promoting racial and religious hatred’

The working class isn’t right wing – this research proves it

The researchers found that moves rightward generally weren't due to the experience of economic hardship or unemployment – which tend to push people leftwards – but rather the fear of these things happening

Far-right protests ‘attracting biggest numbers since 1930s’ in UK

Exclusive: ‘When people feel that the system is broken, they look outside of it’, warns research commissioned by government body

Farage party ‘fastest growing political force’ with 85,000 members

Ex-Ukip leader predicts softer Brexit agreement between Tories and Labour would be ‘the final betrayal’ – and fuel his rise

Ukip loses 80% of council seats in local election hammering

Gerard Batten's party fails to capitalise on Tory collapse despite absence of Farage's Brexit Party from ballot papers

Leave supporters to pay £50 to join Nigel Farage on Brexit march

Fee covers accommodation, dinner and an official kit for rally that culminates on the day Britain leaves EU

Tory minister quits over May risking 'humiliating' Brexit delay

Former minister claims prime minister is risking 'the EU dictating the terms of any extension requested and the final humiliation of our country'