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Independent Group for Change has 0% support, poll reveals

Defiant Anna Soubry insists of party once called Change UK: ‘We are on a much firmer footing – I don’t think I’m being over-optimistic’

Donations to Conservatives halve amid anger over Brexit

Income from donors plummets from £7.4m at the end of last year to £3.7m in the first three months of 2019


Mary Dejevsky Nigel Farage should have been given a peerage years ago

Ukip and Farage’s lack of representation in parliament over the years is a shameful indictment of our political system. Would Brexit have even happened had they been in Westminster?

From Widdecombe to Sargon, EU elections are a dinner party from hell

As Change UK candidates drop like flies, the remaining am-dram troupe of European parliament hopefuls look like a sorry bunch 

UK Politics

Jon Stone Could Nigel Farage's new party really disrupt the EU's working?

Brexit explained: The Eurosceptic politician has boasted he could cause chaos

Anti-EU 'yellow vest' James Goddard used to live in Spain

Self-declared patriot voiced wish to move to US and called UK ‘crazy rock full of liberal arseholes’

Nigel Farage criticised for posting photo of himself with hooked shark

Second time former UKIP leader has posed with distressed animal in six months