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Travel questions

Simon Calder My trip has been cancelled – why am I not getting a full refund back?

Simon Calder answers your on questions lockdown restrictions, getting your money back and the risk of future travel


Sadie Whitelocks Where the man who’s been to every country in the world is going next

‘I’m not a country collector but an adventure collector,’ Dr Jack Wheeler tells Sadie Whitelocks

Pigeons filmed flying inside plane before take-off

Video shows GoAir passenger trying to catch bird

Luxembourg makes history with free public transport

‘Mobility is one of the most important challenges of humanity in the 21st century,’ says deputy prime minister  

Long Reads

Simon Calder Did the package holiday die with Thomas Cook?

Millions of people put their trust in Thomas Cook to deliver their dreams. But before we read the last rites on the package holiday business, Simon Calder considers how we got here

Long Reads

Joel Day How cycling around the world taught Geordie Stewart to go slow

Eight years after becoming the youngest Briton to conquer the seven summits, Geordie Stewart has added another feather to his hat. From escaping police in Xinjiang to freezing temperatures in Siberia, the adventurer tells Joel Day what he learnt from his solo cycling trip around the world

These are the accents Brits find the sexiest

British men and women differ when it comes to which accents they find the most attractive

Airline asks two strangers to share hotel room with one bed

Passenger’s daughter says she is concerned vulnerable people could be left in the same situation without support