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Andrew Grice EU insiders admit they’ll grant yet another Brexit extension

Inside Westminster: The PM is ‘very confident’ MPs will back his deal but he can’t be so sure. Tory whips calculated the vote was on a knife edge when they had the DUP’s support – and now Johnson has lost them

Johnson's hopes of quick Brexit deal fade over new 'hurdles'

Gloomier mood follows Democratic Unionist Party warning that it will not accept a customs border in the Irish Sea

Ex-Tory cabinet ministers hint at rejecting Johnson's new Brexit plan

David Gauke warns of 'an unnecessarily high economic price' - while Amber Rudd highlights less 'support for the economy' than Theresa May's doomed deal

Cameron and May ‘must be called before inquiry to answer for Grenfell’

‘Sir Martin Moore-Bick needs to prove that he doesn’t believe ministers are above the law’

Theresa May proved how pointless the honours system really is

Failed political flunkies are routinely placed on an equal footing with, or even above, those who really have dedicated their lives to others

Nicola Sturgeon says meeting Theresa May was ‘soul-destroying’

Scottish first minister delivers brutal verdict on Tory PMs

Boris Johnson to announce £1.8bn cash boost for NHS

Money will help fund upgrades to 20 hospitals, plus new beds and equipment, but Labour says it falls ‘significantly short’ of what is needed