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Syrian regime torturer put on trial for war crimes in world first

Former Syrian officer Anwar Raslan on trial in Germany for allegations of crimes against humanity


Lemma Shehadi Syrians celebrate Merkel testing negative for coronavirus with mural

‘We want the world to see that Idlib is a city with its own culture, art and music. We’re not terrorists,’ artist tells Lemma Shehadi

How 20 years of Putin has shaped Russia and the world

Today marks 20 years since Vladimir Putin’s election as president. In August, our Moscow correspondent Oliver Carroll outlined the 10 principles that have guided his rule

Western powers are protracting the war in Yemen for profit

The United States, United Kingdom and France continue to provide weapons for a war that they admit in private moments is morally bankrupt and strategically counterproductive

Syrian refugees face their ninth winter in the mountains of Lebanon

Paddy Dowling, photojournalist for The Independent, returned from the mountains of Arsal and discovered how the humanitarian relief effort to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon is being exacerbated by the country’s economic context

Vladimir Putin lands in Syrian capital on unannounced visit

Russian president makes second visit to Syria since his military joined country’s civil war

The Syrian American who gave everything for the country of her birth

Working as an interpreter, Ghadir Taher tried to make a difference in her war-torn homeland. But the Syria she knew no longer existed. Missy Ryan reports