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Pentagon chief contradicts Trump: Some US troops will stay in Syria

'We have troops in towns in northeast Syria that are located next to the oil fields,' defence secretary says

News analysis

Patrick Cockburn US airstrike on its former HQ is a symbol of American failure in Syria

Trump’s instinct that America is better off out has a lot to be said for it, writes Patrick Cockburn, but his shambolic departure has magnified perceptions of imploding US power

Trump's behavior is so bizarre this week that staffers are worried

'We should not ignore the president’s ability to initiate a conflict with other countries in order to distract from his political troubles, perhaps with the hope of rallying the country around him'

UN warns of looming health crisis after foreign aid workers flee Syria

As Syrian regime troops advance into Kurdish territory, Turkish President Erdogan maintains he  'will never declare a ceasefire'

Trump says he is ‘island of one’ on Syria invasion stance

As the situation in northern Syria becomes more chaotic, US defence secretary admits he does not know whether Turkey would attack US troops

CNN Turk says David Lammy spreading ‘black propaganda’

Attack comes after MP posted video appearing to show mother holding child killed in Turkish shelling