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10 best paddling pools to make warm weekends during lockdown more fun

Keep babies and kids entertained during the warmer months with one of these fun and practical inflatables

Toxic algae in fresh water is killing pet dogs in the US, owners say

'A lot of times, the neurotoxins will kill the animal before they can get to the veterinarian'

Man killed by ‘brain-eating’ amoeba after swimming in lake

Naegleria fowleri is benign when swallowed but can be fatal if ingested nasally, made more likely by diving or water-skiing

How swimming regularly can reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression

Exercising can have a positive effect on both your mental and physical wellbeing

Man survives shark attack only to contract flesh-eating infection

Blain Shelton remains in hospital after the shark bit into his leg

Syrian refugee Rami Anis swims personal best in 100 metres

The crowd erupts into cheers for Mr Anis as he is introduced ahead of the race

Swimming fans angered by poor views due to giant pillars at Olympics

'We only found out when we got here. We came looking for our place, and then we saw that we had this column in front,' says a disappointed fan