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When a simple ballpoint just won’t do

Carried by an enthusiastic online community, the fountain pen is rising from near-extinction and enjoying a small but meaningful comeback

They came, they saw, they conkered: Briton triumphs at World Conker

Despite fierce foreign competition, Sam Masters sees a British triumph at the World Conker Championships

The Fashion Audit: Birthday boots, flash feet, Panama pics and

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

Alf Parish: Trade union negotiator who fought for the printers in an

Alf Parish was one of the print unions' leading negotiators at a time when the industry faced unprecedented challenges. The collapse of the Maxwell empire and Murdoch's moonlight flit to Wapping all occurred on his watch, as did the introduction of new technology across the board. But with the industry in turmoil, Parish, cigar in hand and with acerbic wit, remained a model of calmness.

What will you buy for your home on your holidays?

It seems that more of us are taking our summer breaks in Britain. If you're doing the same – and have an eye for style – you can pick up some brilliant finds for your home away from the beaten track.

Israeli soldiers 'shot at children collecting gravel by Gaza border'

The Israeli military has been urged to investigate the recent shootings of at least 12 impoverished Palestinian teenagers and young men collecting gravel in an effort to eke out an income within 800 metres of Gaza’s heavily guarded northern border.