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10 best sleep aids to help you drift off, from masks to sprays

We've been busy testing a range of products to find you the bedtime saviours that really work

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Christine Manby Need a hug but don’t have a human to hand?

Insomnia is a curse for which there seems to be no cure – as Christine Manby well knows. But perhaps a really heavy blanket will help? 

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Christine Manby Can a bed of nails relieve lower back pain?

Christine Manby is determined to find out – and along the way discovers that the mats, which are made exclusively by women in the Gratitude factory, can also dispense karma

Government ‘set to offer guidance on daily recommended hours of sleep’

Leaked green paper reportedly calls for effort to promote healthy sleep habits  

Getting good night’s sleep is 'best way to trigger happiness'

Receiving compliments and good weather on weekends also feature on list

Leaving two hours between dinner and bed is unnecessary, says study

It’s widely believed that you should avoid eating too soon before hitting the hay

Lack of deep sleep and more day naps ‘could be sign of Alzheimer’s’

Volunteers who had lowest amounts of ‘slow brainwave’ sleep, at night had higher levels of abnormal proteins in the brain which are closely linked to dementia-causing disease