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Cardboard boxes put on pupils’ heads to stop cheating in exams

‘This is inhuman and a civilised society will never accept such an idea,’ says local education board

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Shivani Ashoka The ‘eco-preneurs’ solving Mumbai’s plastic problem

A growing shift in consciousness, led by local students, environmentalists and ‘eco-preneurs’, is challenging the antiquated social conventions hindering much-needed environmental change. Shivani Ashoka reports

Two children beaten to death in India 'for defecating in public'

Attack came at almost the precise moment Narendra Modi received a Gates Foundation award for his work to make India 'open defecation free'

Nobel laureates demand Gates Foundation withdraw Modi award

Honour recognises construction of 100m toilets in last 5 years

First planning then ‘torture’: How Kashmir lost its autonomy

Residents say security forces have beaten and abused locals as they attempt to prevent a violent uprising. Warning: this article contains images which some readers may find distressing

The ‘water women’ quenching thirst in India’s parched villages

As more rivers, reservoirs and wells go dry across Bundelkhand, Annie Banerji meets some of the 600 ‘Jal Sahelis’ trying to fix the region’s perennial water woes

Indian PM Modi says Kashmir changes will ‘free it from terrorism’

PM's televised defence of decision to strip disputed region of special status comes as Pakistan cuts train service to India while bilateral tensions grow

India rattles Pakistan’s cage on the deadly anniversary of Nagasaki

In the Middle East and southeast Asia, at least one nation in every potential conflict is a nuclear power or a prospective one