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Irrfan Khan death: Priyanka Chopra leads tributes to Bollywood legend

Khan was admitted to hospital on Tuesday after suffering a kidney infection

Muslims without Covid-19 test results rejected from hospital in India

Reports suggest growing discrimination against minority during pandemic

Trump calls the United States a ‘developing nation’ — again

‘We’re a developing nation, too, in my book, okay? We’re developing too’

Your guide to the coronavirus numbers - and what they really mean

Some are frightening, others inspiring. Together these figures depict people doing their best to fight a menace that is still growing, writes Jon Sharman

Indian traders ‘risking more viruses with squalid animal slaughter’

Exclusive: ‘Wet markets are filthy, nightmarish places and a major threat to human health’


Adam Withnall Violence that killed 53 in Delhi ‘was anti-Muslim pogrom’, says expert

‘Police were displaying clear signs of partisanship ... looking on while the mob was going after civilians, going into homes, burning property, killing people,’ Adam Withnall is told

Unless we empower women farmers, we won't be able to feed the planet

Our food systems cannot wait for women's equality – we must act fast to secure our sustenance