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James Blunt on Brexit, his father, and his new album Once Upon a Mind

The singer-songwriter talks to Ed Cumming about political limbo, his personal new album, being mistaken for a Star Wars fan, and why being on stage is like removing your clothes and not impressing anyone

The 30 best romantic comedy movies, ranked

Filled with weddings, sardonic best friends and an abundance of Julia Roberts, these are the greatest romantic comedies of all time – ranked by Adam White from 30 to 1

Carrie Fisher named in cast announcement for Star Wars Episode IX

News was announced along with details of who else is set to appear in the upcoming film

Mark Hamill weighs in on whether Princess Leia should be recast

'She’s irreplaceable, as far as I’m concerned'

Carrie Fisher won't be in Star Wars Episode IX

The actor's family had given Disney and Lucasfilm their blessing 

Mark Hamill on Carrie Fisher: 'I'm not thinking of her in past tense'

'I’ve been trying to deal with it... and just when I’ve gotten to acceptance, I bounce back to anger, because I’m mad. She should be here.'

Debbie Reynolds's last words were about daughter Carrie Fisher

The Hollywood icon died just a day after the Star Wars heroine passed away

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher's charming Star Wars argument

'Mother, I want to fly coach, will you fuck off?!'