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Our political systems cannot process a decision as big as Brexit

Editorial: Three and a half years have solved nothing, but they have shown beyond doubt that the UK’s political systems cannot process a decision of this magnitude and contention

Johnson could send Tory MPs home if key vote goes against him

Walk-out could avert highly symbolic defeat over the withdrawal agreement reached with the EU on Thursday

As MPs hear what Brexit means, Johnson's deal is unravelling

The Johnson deal, it is increasingly clear, means everything and nothing. It is promising too many things to many people that cannot be simultaneously true

Exiled Tories ‘will deliver new Brexit referendum’ if deal defeated

Exiled Tory MPs kicked out of the party by Boris Johnson are ready to deliver a fresh Brexit referendum if, as expected, his deal is defeated on Saturday, supporters of a public vote believe.

It took less than four minutes for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal to die

The prime minister spend all day and night, trying to persuade the DUP to back him. Now he pretends their backing does not matter