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interview the assistant

‘The Assistant scares people because it’ll force them to confront their own behaviour’: Why Kitty Green's film needs to be seen

The director’s feature film debut arrives in the wake of the #MeToo movement. She tells Alexandra Pollard why the problems run much deeper than one bad man 


Patrick Cockburn How a historic SAS mission ended the Iran embassy siege 40 years ago

Witness to history: Patrick Cockburn’s gripping account, four decades on

Long Reads

Stuart Hobday What the murder of Michael Boothe tells us 30 years on

The death of this actor 30 years ago provoked outrage among the gay community and forced a massive overhaul of police policy. It was a terrible tragedy but gay men can live openly today because of Michael Boothe, says Stuart Hobday

I Think You Should Leave: the shortform sketch show breaking the rules

TV has always been bound by rules, writes Isobel Lewis. But given our apparently decreasing attention spans, why has shortform not become the nrom? 

Antonio Guterres Women need to be at the centre of our coronavirus recovery plan

The deep economic downturn accompanying the pandemic is likely to have a distinctly female face, and this is a danger for us all

Ghostpoet: ‘When we’re finally let out, it’ll be like the Sixties’

Ahead of his dystopian new album, the musician talks to Ben Olsen about finding himself in Margate, making music for the current moment and how he’s weathering the crisis as a DIY artist

The fashion brands raising money for charities and the NHS

From buying a T-shirt to wearing a pair of statement earrings, invest in something that gives back

How leggings became the unofficial uniform of lockdown

Will leggings make it into office spaces once normal life resumes? Only time will tell, writes Sarah Young

‘Coronavirus saved my relationship’

For some couples on the brink of breaking up, the pandemic has offered an unlikely lifeline. Helen Coffey finds out more

Trump falsely claims he never said US could test 5m a day for Covid-19

President’s federal coronavirus testing chief said hours earlier that ‘there is absolutely no way on Earth’ US could hit that testing target