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Harriet Marsden The woman who died serving an endless sentence

IPP prisoners are among those with the highest rates of suicide and self-harm. So why are thousands still locked up on the abolished indefinite sentences?

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Shivani Ashoka The ‘eco-preneurs’ solving Mumbai’s plastic problem

A growing shift in consciousness, led by local students, environmentalists and ‘eco-preneurs’, is challenging the antiquated social conventions hindering much-needed environmental change. Shivani Ashoka reports

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Adam McGibbon Can integrated education bring peace to Northern Ireland?

A Nobel peace prize nomination for the minds behind the barrier-breaking integrated education movement could accelerate the reconciliation the nation sorely needs

Why the avocado is getting the GM treatment

In Mexico, heatwaves threaten the stability of the agricultural staple, as scientists fight for the research funding that could save it. David Yaffe-Bellany reports

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Helen Gordon How can we warn humans about nuclear waste in a million years’ time?

Burying radioactive waste is widely seen as the safest way to dispose of it. But, Helen Gordon writes, the real question is how we make future generations understand the decisions we made today