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Independent Staff Your chance to demand a Final Say referendum from those in power

Follow the link below to tell your MP that you want the Final Say on Brexit

Michael Heseltine If you care about the country, you'll march with me for a Final Say

Today there is no more talk of an extra £350m for the NHS, of new trade deals and regained sovereignty, only increasingly dubious reassurances that somehow, everything will be alright

Editors' letters

Sean O'Grady The Brexit march has renewed my optimism in being a journalist

So it is with our Final Say campaign, the Extinction Rebellion demos and the frankly astonishing way in which the usually somnolent British people are engaging in politics


Corbyn may be neutral on Brexit, but he will give us the Final Say

Editorial: As yesterday’s well-attended rally confirmed, Labour Party members overwhelmingly support EU membership

Margaret Beckett Labour will offer a real Brexit option to the people in a Final Say

In contrast to an ongoing Brexit crisis, Labour’s pledge on a people’s vote would be delivered within months. No further renegotiation for years on end, no ifs, no buts

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As protesters fight for democracy, only a Final Say will restore it

Editorial: The solution for a nation so divided is to put the question to the people again – no deal or no Brexit?

Ed Davey Voters are bored of Brexit – but this is how we can win new Remainers

After the Scots rejected Brexit, the prime minister’s breezy English nationalism is the greatest recruiting sergeant for Scottish nationalism since the Highland clearances