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Christian Broughton An invitation from the editor to secure the Final Say you deserve

For all our futures, for our democracy and for the process of uniting the (dis)United Kingdom again, let’s come together to block a majority and settle Brexit properly

Betty Boothroyd How society treats its young defines us. Boris is selling ours short

When I was growing up there was a sense the generations were all in it together and, like resting boats, would rise together when the tide came. Now society has stopped listening to its young – and Boris Johnson has punched a hole in their hull

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The Brexit debate does not end with our departure from the EU

Editorial: The prospect of a significant US-UK trade deal being completed within a mere five years seems over-optimistic at best, at worst a folly of magical thinking

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Matthew Norman The progressive European future we crave isn’t dead yet

If one goal is returning to the European Union – and for many of us it certainly is – that will take years and a radical shift on both sides

Sadiq Khan This could be our last chance to fight for democracy

MPs will only act on the demand for a Final Say if the public makes its voice heard over the jeers and sneers inside the Commons

Michael Heseltine If you care about the country, you'll march with me for a Final Say

Today there is no more talk of an extra £350m for the NHS, of new trade deals and regained sovereignty, only increasingly dubious reassurances that somehow, everything will be alright

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Corbyn may be neutral on Brexit, but he will give us the Final Say

Editorial: As yesterday’s well-attended rally confirmed, Labour Party members overwhelmingly support EU membership

Margaret Beckett Labour will offer a real Brexit option to the people in a Final Say

In contrast to an ongoing Brexit crisis, Labour’s pledge on a people’s vote would be delivered within months. No further renegotiation for years on end, no ifs, no buts