Want to make an easy change for the planet? Cut your use of single-use plastic by investing in a good-quality insulated flask for hot and cold drinks alike.

These eight flasks are ideal for carrying your morning coffee and afternoon cuppa with you, or for refilling with water throughout the day.

Insulated flasks are a more practical choice than reusable coffee cups as they are leak-free and use a vacuum seal to keep drinks at the right temperature for hours on end, so you can keep hydrated throughout the day – and no more disposable coffee cups or plastic water bottles end up in landfill.

Flasks come in many shapes and sizes and at multiple price points, so think about when you’ll use yours before you buy one.

If you want a flask for family hikes, a big thermos with a cup-style cap is a good choice, while if you’re commuting, a lightweight flask that fits a cup of coffee and can be stashed in a backpack is a better shout. As a guide, 300-400ml is a good size for carrying coffee for one person.

A thermos with a handle is a good idea for drinking on the go or in the car, or if you have arthritis and need something easy to grip. Look for a cap that screws on tightly or pops closed, and we recommend picking a flask made without BPA, a chemical commonly found in food storage containers that can leach toxins.

Thermoses need regular cleaning with hot soapy water to avoid odours, and stainless steel ones tend to be the easiest to keep clean.

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The verdict: Insulated flasks

There’s a good choice of thermos in varied sizes on this list, but our favourites include the handsome Blue Marble bamboo flask for tea, the Hydroflask for coffee on your commute and the hefty Thermos King for work and family use.

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