Whether you’re about to dip your first toe in the water when it comes to yoga, or you know your baby dragonfly from your bird of paradise, it’s important to feel comfortable while you practise yoga.

First, decide your style: do you want to cover your entire legs (which can be more comfortable in postures like crow, where your legs can chafe your upper arms if skin is against skin) or choose shorts that keep you cooler?

Same for upper-body clothing where you can choose from short-sleeve T-shirts, long-sleeve, singlets and more. Some items of yoga clothing are fine for wearing at other times, too, like slightly baggier sweatpants, for instance, which are comfortable enough to wear at other times.

Of course, you can wear a regular T-shirt and shorts to your practice (nobody will judge you, that’s part of the point of yoga) but the advantages of dedicated yoga gear is that it is perfectly suited to keeping you warm when you’re still, while wicking away sweat in those livelier moments.

Choosing a mat is also important and we’ve picked a couple of outstanding models that support without being trampoline-like, and are light and portable enough that you won’t mind carrying them home.

We’ve tested the yoga gear here for comfort first-and-foremost, but also quality of construction and elegance of design.

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The verdict: Men's yoga kit

To be your best at yoga, the right clothing and equipment really helps, enough to make you feel supported and free, ready for the keenest stretch and most precise pose. The Warrior Addict eco-warrior sweatpants are the standout in a range, all designed for men, that is well worth a look, while the Alo Yoga unity 2 in 1 shorts are cool and responsive. Bamboo Balance shorts are similarly enjoyable to wear. Namaste.

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