When picking a pair of swimming goggles, you need to think about what kind of swimming you’ll be doing.

Open water and triathlon goggles tend to have bigger lenses and offer a wider peripheral vision. And they will often have a mirrored or polarised lens to protect your eyes from UV rays, prevent poor visibility and the distraction of sun glare bothering you while you swim.

Mirrored lenses are good at reflecting light away from your eyes on bright days but can give a dark view on duller days, while polarised lenses cut out reflected light but give a normal view on darker days.

Racing goggles are smaller and sit snug in the eye socket, while the fitness category for recreational swimmers tends to be somewhere between the two.

Anti-fog tech has come a long way and all of the brands tested boast it in some capacity, though it will wear off with regular use. Some of the goggles on test also have anti-scratch lenses for added durability.

Having a comfy pair of goggles that don’t leak is of course the most important consideration, especially for regular swimmers.

Sometimes that will come down to individual face fit, but some of the goggles on our test, such those from Speedo, Zoggs and Vorgee, are designed to be soft for all face shapes while staying firmly in place.

These goggles were tested at an indoor swimming pool and in the sea.

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The verdict: Adults swimming goggles

Our best all-round buy are the Speedo futura biofuse flexiseal goggles as they are a good-value, high-functioning, comfortable product. We also rated the Vorgee vortech max for fitness, the Zoggs podium for contest swimming, and the Zone 3 attack for triathlon swimming.

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