On average, a golfer walks four miles during a round of golf making, which means those pesky blisters around the ninth hole are a very real possibility.

For decades, the only shoe options for golfers were limited to rigid spikes in black, white, or black and white. However in 2017, there is now a huge variety of spikeless options for golfers to choose from, without risking wet feet or slipping over while leaving the tee box.

Why spikeless, you ask? Not only can you drive to course in your golf shoes but you can happily walk through most clubhouses without needing to change– making the pint on the 19th hole that little bit sweeter.

To help your decision, we took the following shoes onto the course in dry and wet conditions, testing their grip, comfort, waterproofing, ease of clean and general style.

1. Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid: £110, Ecco

Fred “Boom Boom” Couples wore an earlier iteration of this pair to the 2010 Masters, made a top six finish and validated spikeless shoes at the highest level in the process. Instantly the comfiest shoes in your wardrobe, this breathable pair gives solid grip on fairway, green, rough and bunker. The uncluttered, simple design works with all clothing – and we don’t think they’d look too far out of place even off the course. The soft-feel leather is toughened to keep out dew and heavy rain. Available in black, brown or navy colourways.

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2. Callaway Golf Xfer Fusion Shoes: £89.99, American Golf

Callaway may not be renowned for its golf shoes but this modern-looking style does not sacrifice performance for style. Generous cushioning prevents the dull ache many older golfers will remember from spikes of yesteryear. Waterproofed to the gills, the Xfer pair offers reliable grip on the wettest inclines with a studded sole that takes seconds to clean. Available in either black or white.

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3. Ecco Golf Cage Pro Shoes: £139.99, American Golf

These comfortably supportive, heavy-duty leather shoes offer the best grip in the wet and in bunkers. The sole’s strong, web-like grip means you won’t have any worries of slipping or falling over on steep inclines, or around tee boxes and greens. They’re waterproof, too – the claim is that they’ll keep your feet dry for up to eight hours submerged in water, and we found they were perfectly suited to a dampened course. Available in black, or white with a grey or lime green sole.

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4. Nike Golf Lunar Control Vapor Shoes: £120, Nike

Nike has been dragging golf into adopting modern, sweat-reducing materials, and that’s exactly what we have here. With a two-year waterproof guarantee, the distinctive, blade-like sole grooves were highly effective all throughout the course. We found, unlike some others on the list, that these didn’t need much breaking in at all, and were comfortable from the get-go. They look more like trainers than traditional golf shoes, but we’re confident that the slick design should win over the most ardent of traditionalists with its black and white offering – and if they’re feeling more adventurous, there are seven more colourways in the range.

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5. Under Armour Performance Spikeless Shoes: £110, Under Armour

The brand championed by Jordan Speith and the UK’s very own Matt Fitzpatrick has come up with a waterproof, supportive golf shoe hardy enough to face a hoolie on a Scottish Links course. These shoes are the easiest to clean on our list – you have nothing to fear from staining of the upper as any mark can be wiped away with a damp scorecard. While we can’t confirm that they will make you putt like Speith or Fitzpatrick, they will anchor your feet securely to the green surface. Only available in this stylish black and white colourway.

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6. Puma Golf Ignite Sport Disc Shoes: £99.99, American Golf

Puma was the first to design and produce golfing high-tops and these beauts are no less revolutionary, not least for offering a shoelace-free version without sacrificing support. Grip and comfort are there in abundance, and the style is one which regular trainer-wearers can definitely get behind – and that wetsuit-like material on the upper is as waterproof as you’d expect. These are a fashion statement and would best suit those who see Rickie Fowler’s golf clothes as revolutionary rather than traitorous.

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7. Adidas Golf Crossknit Boost Shoes: £124.95, Adidas

It may be selling off its Taylormade brand, but this bit of footwear proves Adidas has not given up on golf just yet. They’re not fully waterproof, but these lighter-than-air kicks are breathable, full of grip, very flexible without losing comfort, and altogether excellent for summer golfing. For those who are keen to have wet weather and dry weather golf shoes, this is your sunny pair. We’re big fans of that patterned upper, too. Available in four different colourways.

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8. Skechers Golf Men’s GO Golf Drive 2 LX: £89, Golfbase

If it’s sheer comfort you desire, this shoe is the one from you. Coming from Skechers – a relatively new player on the golf attire scene – the insole of this waterproof shoe is extremely soft and cushioned, and remained that way throughout the entire course. The sole grooves aren’t as pronounced as others, and as a result don’t provide the greatest grip, but are certainly still effective on all surfaces. Available in three colourways.

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9. FootJoy Pro/SL: £119.99, American Golf

Worn by an impressive number of pros – from Adam Scott to Lee Westwood – we found these shoes provided excellent comfort and stability, whether you're on soft, damp ground, or on drier, firmer surfaces. The grips on the soles resemble spikes, but don't do any harm to the comfort of your feet when traversing the course. They are fully waterproof but remain breathable, so they're a good pair for summer golfing, too. Available in three colourways.

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The Verdict: Spikeless golf shoes

Golf is modernising and the shoes on offer are more than keeping up in styles that suit both more traditional or trendy players. For all-round performance, the Ecco Classic Hybrid will answer all your needs without forcing its wearer to declare themselves either as slaves to modernity or the old club captain-look.

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