When summer golf gives way to the autumn – the temporary greens, muddy quagmires and thermal underwear all slowly appear. The fairways get softer and your shots stop travelling that magical extra 20-30 yards (turns out your swing speed hasn’t increased).

While all conditions are not yet bone-chilling – we all need something to keep us warm on the tee box after you foolishly booked in an early tee off.

This is where you need a thin, water resistant top to keeps the chill at bay while not impeding on your swing. Oh, and this top needs to fit into an already packed golf bag when you get too hot.

The answer is a windbreaker which fills this perennial gap in golfer’s apparel throughout the season. We have tested a number of such tops in all weather conditions on the course to see how they hold up.

The below windbreakers have been judged on their look, water resistance, heat retention, freedom of movement, size when folded (scrunched up) and of course, price.

Under Armour Storm Wind Strike ½ Zip Jacket: £35, onlinegolf.co.uk

Under Armour perfectly match breathability with water-resistance – breathability being a quality many golfers ignore to their demise on those sticky late summer and spring days.

Waterproof against all but persistent heavy showers – users can safely leave the gore-tex behind in the car boot unless they expect a full deluge.

The speed in which you can get a windbreaker on and off is important if you don’t want to hold up play, a cannily placed side zip allows you to whip this jacket off without wrenching up any layers beneath.

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Ping Delta Performance Golf Jacket: £66.99, Holy Lake Golf Store

This is another very good lightweight jacket which easily fits into your bag’s golf ball pocket already full with balls.

While it keeps out the rain and wind – this is possibly the most breathable top in the list, minimising any mid-round sweating. This is, in part, enabled by the chest vents that can be open and closed with zips.

Due to its stretchable lining – the restricted movement of old windbreakers is neatly avoided.

The full-zip allows for a very quick change time, easily managed in the time a playing partner has a practice shot.

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Callaway Golf ¼ Zip Chest Stripe Wind Jacket: £64.99, foremostgolf.com

This quarter-zip top’s lining enables it to work on the cold morning rounds before (hopefully) the sun warms you up and dries the dew-laden fairways.

Made with stretch fabric – it allows players the full swing while keeping out rainy showers and strong winds.

The adjustable wrists help keep the rain and sand away – nothing more frustrating as finding sandpit in your armpit two hours after a round.

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Glenmuir Zip Neck Two Tone Windshirt: £64.95, The Golf Shop Online

This is the most heavy duty waterproof on the list. The benefit of this jacket is that its thick lining means you won’t need to wear a jumper underneath.

It allows free movement while keeping you warm and dry. Its heat retention is only an issue when weather gets hot during a round. However, unlike others – it’s a one layer option to a potential two-layer problem.

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Adidas Climaheat PrimaLoft Jacket: £124.95, golfonline.co.uk

The most expensive option on the list – this is effectively the strongest option for winter links golf. As a part puffer jacket – it keeps your core warm while its more manoeuvrable sleeves avoids any restrictions on a mid-gale swing.

Complete with a number of zipper pockets, there is no need to use trouser pockets for anything other than a ball marker and hand warmer.

This is a modern looking top for the younger golfer keen on a less colourful and more normcore approach to golfing clobber.

There are few autumn or winter rounds, this won’t keep you warm and hopefully on the right side of 90 shots.

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Nike Shield Men's Full-Zip Golf Jacket: £69.99

Similar in many ways to the Adidas Climaheat, this modern cut windbreaker offers a similar look with less bulk and less insulation.

For many younger golfers who prefer skinner attire – this will complement the look without demanding you avoid carbs for a week prior.

Water-resistant, with side two pockets and a full zip – a solid mid-price option.

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FootJoy Chill-Out Windshirt: £49.99, The Golf Shop Online

This is slightly off-piste as this is not a particular water-resistant top, but acts like a tough jumper designed to keep out biting winds.

Its "moisture-wicking" fabric brings any sweat from the inside to the exterior keeping the golfer non-sticky and dry.

It’s a strong sign that many teaching pros wear a version of this top in all weathers, if anyone needs to be able to keep warm it’s pros standing on driving ranges open to the elements.

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The Verdict: Best Golf Windbreakers

Windbreakers vary in type, you should try them on as some jackets only suit certain body shapes. You also need to consider how you like keep warm on the course – how these can complement your current gear and more importantly how much space do you have in your bag pocket.

For us, the Under Armour ticks all boxes at a sensible price for a golfing essential.

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