Rare is the school run that doesn’t involve a sighting of at least one scooter, probably more. That’s just the way most primary school aged kids (and many older) travel these days and who can blame them? You get from A to B in record time and it’s fun.

It provides children with independence from an early age and because scooters are less bulky than bikes and you can ride them on the pavement, there is less chance of accidents too.

Our roundup includes three wheelers, two wheelers, electric, stunt and combo scooters that double up as other means of transport such as trikes or skateboards, meaning that there’s something for everyone and of all ages.

Always check what age range scooters are designed for, but even more importantly make sure the height is right for your child – the handlebars should be at the same height as their waist.

Check how sturdy the frame feels, and whether it has safety features appropriate for your child’s age, such as a fast-action brake and steering lock. Foldable scooters are worth a look at too as they’re easier to bung in the car boot or carry without bashing your ankles as it swings about.

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Micro Scooters the maxi micro deluxe foldable scooter: £144.95, Micro Scooters

For five to 12 year-olds, this three-wheeled scooter offered the quietest, smoothest ride of all the scooters we tried, with lovely sharp brakes for emergency stops. The fibreglass footplate has exceptional grip and balance, while the wheels are puncture free, and it comes in some lovely colours. The newest version is foldable, which means parents can carry it back from school more easily. Mind you, with a rider weight limit of 11 stone, some parents might fancy having a go themselves.

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Kiddimoto Union Jack uzoom scooter: £49.99, Kiddimoto

Our little testers told us they found this three-wheeler tilt and turn scooter a cinch to manoeuvre (no falling off as they went round tight corners or bone-shaking suspension), while parents will be grateful for the one click fold, making it easier to carry when your child gets tired or to fit in the car. Suitable for three to five-year-olds with an adjustable handlebars and rear break, it also has LED light-up wheels. Other designs are available too, all with matching helmets.

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John Lewis & Partners my first scooter: £49, John Lewis & Partners

This own-brand scooter lasts a bit longer than some – until your child is six – the only downside of which is that it’s quite heavy. But it soars along beautifully, with a useful steering lock that you can use while your child learns the basics, as well as comfy and adjustable handlebars and rear brake. It feels well-made and robust and has kinetic-powered light up wheels – brilliant for making sure they show up at dawn and dusk and generally standing out from the crowd. But it’s disappointing it only comes in pink or blue – why no gender-neutral colours?

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Halfords wired hazard scooter: £13, Halfords

Affordability is the USP with this one and unlike some others at this price, it doesn’t fall apart as soon as you look at it. Granted, it’s not as sturdy and robust as pricier models, and lacks bells and whistles, but it’s got the basics – an adjustable and grippy handlebar, rear brake and non-slip standing area. Plus, it can fold so it’s not a complete pain to carry or fit in your boot. If you’re on a budget, this scooter – aimed at five-year-olds and over – gets our thumbs up.

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Micro MX trixx: £124.95, Micro

The lightweight build and top-notch polyurethane wheels make this ideal for kids to try out their stunts and tricks, while also enabling you to ride with speed. Parents will like the fact that it comes from the most famous name in children’s scooters, as well as the fact that every part is replaceable, meaning it can last you years and will make a good hand-me-down. This is suitable for five to 12-year-olds but has a fixed handlebar height of 76cm.

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Razor power core E90 electric scooter: £149.99, Argos

Kids aged eight and over will reach their destination in record time with this whizzy electric scooter. It’s designed with a hub motor rather than chain driven motor, which has two main benefits. First, it’s virtually maintenance free and second, it offers doubled ride time compared to classic chain driven electric scooters. The battery lasts over an hour on a single charge, with the pace being around 10 miles an hour – slower if you’re going uphill. It’s got puncture proof wheels and is surprisingly light for an electric scooter, but still a good deal heavier than regular scooters.

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Morfboard skate scoot deck combo: £99.99, Argos

This interchangeable scooter and skateboard is a genius idea for kids aged eight and over. The easy lock and release technology means you can flip from one mode of play to the other within seconds and you can buy additional accessories for bouncing and rolling. It’s sturdy, comes in three designs and has urethane wheels for a smooth ride. There are better stand-alone scooters and indeed skateboards, but this novel invention works well for a fun combo of both.

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Little Tikes lean to turn scooter: £29.99, Amazon

The clue’s in the name with this three-wheeler scooter, kids aged four plus are able to learn their left and right while guiding this scooter round turns and corners by leaning to steer. We also like the extra-wide and low-to-the-ground base, which makes kids feel extra safe, and the easy-touch safety rear brake which makes stopping quick and easy. The combination of all these things makes it a good option for children who are a little less sure about their balance than their more confident pals.

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Mongoose stance stunt scooter: £55, Halfords

This agility and performance focused stunt scooter is for older, more experienced kids – aged eight plus – who want to get out there and do some serious tricks. In its favour are the powerful rear brakes – essential in moments where it could save a fall – and special bearings in the wheels, as well as the lighter deck, which give higher speeds and better control. The oversized three bolt clamp is also notable as it means the handlebar will never come away from the deck. It’s a looker, so is bound to make your kid the envy of the neighbourhood.

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Globber evo five in one: £117.44, Amazon

Here’s another scooter with hidden talents – this time doubling up as a balance bike so that even small children can use it, thanks to the handle that a parent can use to pull them along. You then remove the bar to create a ride-on trike, and finally turn it into a scooter which has four different and easily-adjustable height positions. The low deck and steering lock means they can also use it as a scooter from a younger age than most. Suitable to use from the age of one all the way up to six, it glides well along the ground and is built to last.

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The verdict: Kids' scooters

The maxi micro deluxe was great before and now that it’s foldable it’s even better. For younger children, Kiddimoto's uzoom scooter offers a superb ride and looks great, while for tiny tots the globber evo five is as innovative as it gets.

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