“How to get baby to sleep” must be the most googled question during those blurry new-born months. Sleep deprivation is a genuine form of torture and parents will do pretty much anything for some decent shut-eye.

Baby boffins have come to the rescue with ingenious inventions to help little ones get to sleep and stay asleep – we were amazed at how much science is involved.

Professional sleep consultant, Lucy Shrimpton, also known as The Sleep Nanny shared her advice: “A sleep aid like a soft toy or age-appropriate comforter is a great idea. Your baby has control of this and doesn't need you to come and 'do it' for them.

"White noise soothes babies but stay away from intermittent whale or rainforest sounds. These are lovely for a sensory environment but do not have the same effect as soothing a baby.

"I advise against any visual stimulation like mobiles, light shows or anything hanging over a baby's crib. Again, great for sensory time but not for sleep time. The easiest way to decide whether or not something is going to help your baby sleep is to ask yourself whether it is more of a toy or a soother.”

A baby sleep aid can be anything that a parent can use to help soothe their baby and make them more comfortable and calm at bedtime. We selected sleep aids that showcased the wide range of methods on offer so we could see for ourselves how they work.

Once our little testers had full tummies and were burped, bathed and ready for bed, we set up the sleep aids and crossed our fingers for some precious shuteye.

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The verdict: Baby sleep aids

When it comes to effectiveness, we found that sound is the most important factor when soothing babies to sleep. The science behind white and pink noise really does seem to work. This is why the pNeo baby shusher is our best buy – it is all about the shush. Cuddly toys and comforters can always be added for snuggle factor. Making baby as comfortable and secure as possible is also important, so fluffy sleep aids and baby nests help, as does a good night time routine. If all else fails, sleep consultants work wonders.

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