When teaching a baby which is the correct end of a spoon, things can get messy, so we have spent the last month of messy mealtimes testing the latest bibs to prepare you on your weaning journey.

The first lesson is that some bibs are for milk and dribble and some are for solid food. It is a rookie mistake to expect to escape baby food disasters with a dribble bib.

If the bib is small and made of fabric, it’s your everyday dribble bib, worn to catch anything that escapes from baby’s facial orifices.

If it is large, plastic, has a crumb-catching pouch, pelican scoop, or has sleeves, it is a bib for meal times. Don’t confuse the two and you’re already halfway there.

Before you cling-film the entire kitchen, resort to feeding your child in the sink, or start wearing a large bin bag yourself, take a look at our selection of bibs that will help contain the splatter.

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The verdict: Weaning baby bibs

Mamas and Papas was our favourite for value and effectiveness. If you want to protect clothing, coveralls are a great bet, but can cost more and be fiddly. We also suggest that parents should choose designs that make them smile, because weaning is tough and anything that makes it more fun is a win.

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