Pets are lovely, but they are mucky creatures. If you have a pet that moults you probably wonder how it has a hair left on its body with the amount of fur that it spreads around your home.

Even those pets that are bred not to shed, will still lose a few hairs here and there. And it’s not just hair they drop everywhere. Mud, grass and leaves are also regularly bought indoors.

All of this means that you need a super powerful vacuum cleaner designed to scrape fur from everywhere that it clings to from carpets to cushions and pick up all that extra pet created dirt too. We’ve checked out the latest vacuum cleaners on the market to bring you the lightest, most flexible and efficient products at removing pet hair and pet-related debris.

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The verdict: Pet vacuum cleaners

All of these vacuum cleaners are high-quality pet hair and debris suckers, so choosing between them all was tricky.

Once you’ve tried a cordless vacuum it’s difficult to go back to corded. They can be whipped out and used in a jiffy, they are light and versatile and most transform into little handheld devices great for stairs and cars.

You are restricted by their battery life, but you will soon find that that’s a sacrifice worth making, unless you have a huge home.

Taking into account battery time, price and weight we chose the VAX Blade 2 MAX as our all round winner. The lighter GTech Pro K9 came a very close second, but it requires bags, which are an additional expense and aren’t great for the environment.

If you do have a large home and don’t want to rely on battery power and want a machine that won’t need emptying after every use the Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower was our favourite in the corded category.

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