As the national lockdown continues, most of the jobs that just require a screwdriver are done and you’re probably eyeing up some of the bigger projects you’ve been putting off for a while. With this in mind, we've been busy testing a variety of cordless drills and drivers that will take the stress out of DIY.

It used to be that cordless drills were heavy and underpowered, but with lithium batteries as standard they are now a surefire way to take the hassle and hard work out of a range of home improvement jobs.

However, your weapon of choice will depend on what you’re going to be drilling into. Combi drills are so called because of their ability to drill into wood, metal and masonry along with high torque ratings for driving in long screws.

We can’t talk about drills without talking about torque, which translates to the turning force that the tool can deliver – the more torque you have, the easier it will be for you to drill into harder materials, like masonry.

Ultimately, drills are all about power and the more you have at your disposal the more torque you will be able to muster, which is why 18V drills are ideally suited to heavy duty projects.

However, there are some 12V options that are great kitchen-drawer drills that are light and easily employed to deal with quick fixings around the house.

All of the drills featured here are powered by brushless motors, which provide more power, durability and usability.

We tested these tools on a range of drill materials and projects to see how they performed as well as getting each model to sink plenty of 3in screws to simulate bigger construction jobs, like fencing or a tree house for the kids. Once the dust settled, we were left with the best hand-helds to help get the job done.

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The verdict: Cordless drills

The Bosch advanced impact 18 is a supremely innovative drill with lots of really handy features that take the hassle out of small, fiddly jobs, while providing plenty of power to make sure that the bigger jobs don’t get the better of you. It's well priced for a versatile tool that will perform well during any looming lockdown DIY projects.

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