Winter is coming – so get ready to light up the night with one of the 10 top-performing torches on the market.

A trusty torch is always useful to have in your pocket or stored in the garage for working outdoors, autumn camping trips or just in case there’s a power cut.

And since you might need to rely your now torch in a pinch, it’s worth picking a model that is long-lasting and good quality.

You’ll find torches with either LED or Xenon bulbs on the market – both work well and offer good brightness, but the latter gives off a whiter light.

The power of a torch is measured in “lumens”, and anything above 100-150 is more than enough to guide your way at night, so we recommend going for a torch with 100 lumens or above if you’re just buying one. Most torches have multiple adjustable beam modes, and higher beams will emit more light but drain your battery faster. Some also have a red light mode, which illuminates while preserving your night vision.

There’s a torch to suit every job and situation. If you’re taking yours outdoors, pick one that is waterproof or water resistant, and that has a good battery life of at least 10 hours on high beam. Torches that can be recharged with a USB cable are also handy, and save on the cost of batteries in the long run. Size matters – pocket torches should be slim and lightweight, and if you’re shopping for a bigger torch for working outdoors, look for gripable tactile handle or a torch that doubles up as freestanding light so you can work hands-free.

Torches come at massively varied price points. If you just want a torch to keep handy, a £20 functional model will be fine. For powerful work lights, look for something around £50, or splash out on a Maglite, which are the best of the best.

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The verdict: Torches

For sheer quality Maglite really stands out from the crowd, but there are some great budget-friendly options here, too – we also rate the Lifesystems Intensity.

If you’re looking for something to shine a light on outdoor work Nebo’s Big Larry is brilliant (and a bargain, too).

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