January is the time of year when fruit and vegetables come into their own: we’re sick of roasted meat and all its trimmings. Instead we want all things fresh and vibrant.

Even though your resolution may wane, there’s always a place for juicers, from using up leftovers to avoiding reaching for a sugary shop-bought version. 

And as with any kitchen gadget, you need to make sure it’s worth it’s worktop space and find one that works for you. 

“The key difference between juicing and blending comes down to the extraction. A juicer will separate the juice and the pulp from your produce so that the insoluble fibre is removed while the soluble fibre remains, while a blender includes everything from the produce, meaning nothing is removed and as a result, the liquid is usually a lot thicker,” say Kira Bray, marketing and communications at Magimix. 

She adds: “There are two main types of juicers on the market, centrifugal and masticating. The first is the most common type and uses a fast spin cycle (high rpm). It quickly grates the produce, separating the juice from the pulp, and are better with harder produce because of the more powerful motor. 

“Masticating juicers – also known as slow juicers because it uses a slow rotation to crush the produce (low rpm) – means there’s little oxidation so the juice is fresher for longer and are better with leafy greens.”

We’ve tested a selection of centrifugal and masticating juicers, as well as citrus juicers and blenders, which were compared on how easy they were to assemble, sability, appearance, ease to clean, size, noise, cost, guarantee and effectiveness at doing the job. During testing each model was used a minimum of three times, with a variety of fruit and vegetables.

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Slow juicers

Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer, £479.00, UK Juicers

Our tester loved this easy to put together slow juicer for it’s sophisticated leather-style textured base, it’s quietness and it’s 10-year motor warranty (and 2-year for parts), which certainly helps justify its price. The particularly wide chute means you don’t need to pre-cut fruit and veg, and the "flip-gate" lid eliminates the need to guide the ingredients down too. The large pulp collection tray doesn’t need emptying too often, and the 1 litre juice jug has a further 500ml which can be left in the juicing drum when the juice cap is closed. This handy stop cap prevents the juice dripping in between uses.

The tester like that it is BPA free and easy to disassemble for cleaning, with an easy-clean pulp outlet and can be run continuously for over 40 minutes (operating on a 60 rpm). Citrus juicer and homogenizing attachments (for nut butters and frozen fruit) are available as added extras. It comes in five colours, black, gunmetal, red, silver, white, and is slightly bigger than some of the others tested. 

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Smeg Slow Juicer, £449.95, Amazon

The retro design of Smeg guarantees the products are something you would proudly display in your kitchen. This one ticks many of the boxes: it's easy to assemble and use, is quiet, it's BPA free and comes with a two year guarantee. We also like that this comes with a recipe book. The chute is smaller than some of the juicers tested though, meaning that the fruit and vegetables do have to be cut up before being inserted, as is the juice chamber at 500ml, but still large enough.

It works on a unique cold extraction system, using a slow squeezing method which means less heat is generated and so more nutrients are preserved. It can run for 30 minutes at a time and is available in cream, blue, black and red. Just beware that the parts cannot be put through a dishwasher.

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JR Ultra 8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer, £249.98, Juicy Retreats

This juicer rotates very slowly at just 37 rpm, meaning it’s gentler action lets less oxygen into the juice – giving a better quality product with more nutrients. Available in a variety of colours, this 1 litre juicer is compact so it doesn’t take up too much room on your kitchen side. Made from BPA free plastics, it’s quiet and incredibly easy to assemble and operate.

The wide chute can handle chunky pieces of veg and the handy stopper at the end of the spout avoids juice dripping , and also allows you to wash it through with water after if you want to quickly switch to another juice and avoid having a contamination of flavours. It’s also capable of operating for up to two hours before needing a rest, which makes it great for making big batches at the weekend, or for a party or get-together. Three strainers are included – for smooth juice, thick juice and sorbet, as well as a pulp strainer. It’s currently on offer, with 40 per cent off, and comes with a 10-year motor warranty, and 2-year for parts. 

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Centrifugal juicers

Sage The Nutri Juicer Plus, £199.99, Lakeland

This stainless-steel design looks great on a worktop and uses a simple digital dial to adjust the speed of the rotating discs according to how hard the fruit and vegetables are, from 1-5. Because it’s a centrifugal juicer it is a little noisy, but this is made up for by its speed. The pulp waste container is very large so our tester managed to create a couple of bottles in one go without having to empty it, and liked the fact that the chute is wide too, but our tester did need to hold the pusher down during use.

The large 1.2 litre jug was the biggest we tested, and came with a handy froth separator. It’s very easy to clean and comes with two discs – the Froojie Disc, great for use in conjunction with the Nutri Juicer Plus insert to make purees, smoothies, sauces etc, and the Nutri Disc – capable of juicing everything from apples and pears to carrots and ginger. The parts are dishwasher safe too. 

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Magimix Duo Plus XL, £179.99, Amazon 

This rather compact juicer is great for space-strapped kitchens: it’s sleek and aerodynamic thanks to its lack of collection jug so juice comes straight out of the stainless steel spout and into a glass. The pulp is collected inside the juicer too, which means you don’t need space for a pulp collection tray next to it.

It’s quick to extract the juice but our tester found that it was necessary to hold the pusher down while juicing, meaning you can’t really multi-task while you’re operating it. Although the large feeding tube wasn’t big enough for our tester to fit whole apples in, it was perfect when they were halved, and the juicer has the capacity for 1kg of apples in one go (about ten apples). It comes with a citrus press attachment and smoothie mix attachment, recipe book, and spatula for easy-cleaning. The removable ring made it easier to get inside to clean it too.

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700W Full Fruit Juicer, £30, Asda

Incredibly easy to assemble, this 700W juicer includes a large pulp-collection tray that’s quick and easy to remove and empty. There’s also a juice collection jug with a lid – making it handy for storing juice in the fridge and two power setting for soft and hard ingredients. Sturdy feet ensure it doesn’t jump around on the worktop when in use, and it’s very easy to unclip and take apart for washing, plus it’s dishwasher safe. This is an extremely cost-effective answer to making fresh juices at home.
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Cookworks Whole Fruit juicer stainless steel, £49.99, Argos

This affordable and rather simple 700W juicer has a wide chute, so less chopping is needed, but our tester still found it more effective if carrots and apples were chopped slightly. The rather chunky machine does take up rather a lot of space, but it very simply operated and does the job nicely, with a speed switch for different hardness of fruit and vegetables. It’s not as noisy as some of the centrifugal juicers, and features a safety locking handle and safety switch which reassured our tester when using it around young children.

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Stellar Juice Extractor, £54.95, Harts of Stur

This smart, stylish and small appliance has one visible difference, and that's that the pulp collection tray is situated vertically, rather on the side. Consequently, it takes up even less space on the worktop. It comes assembled – and with a handy froth separator – so all you need to do is attach the 1.25 litre juice jug to the spout. This 800W juicer is noisy, as you would expect from a centrifugal juicer, however it works quickly and the generously sized chute means you can fit whole apples down it. All the loose parts are dishwasher safe and it comes with a two-year guarantee.

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Nutri Blitzer: Nutrition Extractor Superfood Smoothie and Juice Blender, £49.99, Amazon

As the smallest product tested, the Nutri Blitzer is also very easy to assemble. The 700W motor spins at 19,000 rpm, making incredibly fast work of anything from fruit, to seeds. What this also does well is that the jug can also be used as the cup too, or it can be sealed with the lid provided and taken to work or drunk on the go. That's minimal washing-up and it's great if you’re trying to make something healthy in a hurry (or as our tester’s husband discovered it’s equally good at making not-so-healthy ice-cream and Malteser smoothies too). Two cup handles and re-sealable lids are included as well as a recipe book.

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Nutri Ninja 1000W Personal Blender, £129.99, Ninja

This brand uses a vacuum blending process to remove oxygen to create bright, smooth drinks with less separation and foam than traditional blending. It’s pretty compact and comes with two blending cups and a pump which connect to create the vacuum seal. Once that’s done, you turn the cup over and attach it to the blades and the motor to create your shake, smoothie, soup or dip.

You then swap the blades for a lid with a spout, and the contents is ready for you to drink, refrigerate or take with you. There’s also a pulse, smoothie, extract, and an Auto IQ button which lets you create a combination of blending patterns that work for you. It blends very quickly and creates a very smooth texture if required. It’s easy to wash too, and the re-sealable cup had a spout which was very easy to drink from. You don’t have to use the vacuum pump every time, but the tester noticed that there was definitely less foam when it was used.

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Citrus juicers

Smeg Retro Style Citrus Juicer, £119.95, Smeg

This small, sleek and stylish product feels sturdy and well-made and is incredibly easy to assemble. Just half your fruit and press half down into the stainless steel juicing cone to activate the rotation. It juices the fruit quickly and very effectively, however be prepared for your hands to get quite sticky because you need to actually hold each piece of fruit down one-by-one. It doesn’t slip around on the worktop and strains the juice well. We like that it’s quick and easy to clean, and has a non-drip spout if you need a rest mid-juicing.

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The Verdict: Juicers and blenders

If you’re willing to invest then the brilliant Kuvings EVO820 Cold Press Juicer is essentially the Rolls Royce of juicers, making juicing an easy and enjoyable experience and the add-on options eliminate the need to buy lots of other kitchen appliances. For a more cost-effective option, the Sage The Nutri Juicer Plus is sturdy, stylish and fast, while the Nutri Blitzer: Nutrition Extractor Superfood Smoothie and Juice Blender is small, cheap, and brilliant for quick hassle-free smoothies on the go.

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