Scented candles are lovely, of course, but what if you want your home to be filled with delicious fragrance all the time, as soon as you come in the door, and with the added safety of no open flame?

Reed diffusers are bottles filled with essential oil blends, the scent of which is then distributed by rattan reeds inserted into the bottle.

Our picks cover a huge range of fragrances – from relaxing to invigorating – that will work well in every room.

Some are old favourites that we’ve been purchasing for our homes for years, while newer entries have been tested for at least two weeks.

We not only looked for scents that we liked but also how well they dissipated around a room (testing in both enclosed and open spaces) and, of course, gorgeous packaging that will look great too.

Look for ones with a narrow top, as this ensures that the scent is released slowly through the reeds rather than escaping through the top.

Most are only designed to last for around 12 weeks, but we found they go on for much longer – some up to six months.

If the scent has got weaker, try shifting the reeds about a bit in the bottle or even turning them upside down.

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Urban Apothecary green lavender reed diffuser: £35, Urban Apothecary

Don’t let the word lavender and it’s granny bathroom associations put you off, this diffuser combines lavender’s best relaxing powers with lemon balm, spearmint, sage and white musk for a fresh, unusual scent. Put it in whichever room you spend most time in – or just carry it from room to room with you at all times, you’ll love it that much.

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Skandinavisk OY island solitude reed diffuser: £40, John Lewis & Partners

We wouldn’t have anything else scenting our bathroom. This breezy, clear fragrance is both fresh and calming, inspired by the islands of the wild archipelagos of the Scandinavian seas. It has notes of driftwood, white flowers and greenery.

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Lunar Oceans lime basil mandarin reed diffuser: £34, Lunar Oceans

The unusual, elegant shape of this royal blue diffuser reminds us of a drop of water. The fragrance is luxurious, full and layered, with citrus, aromatic basil, oriental jasmine, patchouli and spiced wood. This diffuser managed to fill our entire open-plan living space with scent.

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Eloise Hall optimism diffuser: £29, Eloise Hall

Optimism is a bright, citrusy, refreshing scent, with notes of grapefruit and petitgrain – an essential oil extracted from the leaves of orange trees. It’s a perfect summer scent that makes your space – and you – feel brighter, sunnier and, yes, more optimistic. We love the frosted glass bottle and its white floral pattern too.

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True Grace black lily room diffuser: £50, True Grace

We’ve bought this diffuser several times over and guests always enquire after its enticing scent. With notes of violet, jasmine, lily, vanilla and bergamot; it’s rich, exotic and a little sweet. Relaxing and sensual, we like it best in a bedroom.

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Neom happiness reed diffuser: £80, Neom Organics

This, from natural wellbeing-focused brand Neom’s happiness range, is an uplifting fragrance for any room, with its blend of seven essential oils including neroli, mimosa and lemon. The packaging is the stuff of Instagram dreams, in marble effect, peach pink and – a little crazy – actual 18 carat rose gold.

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Compagnie de Provence anise patchouli: £46.50, John Lewis & Partners

We love French brand Compagnie de Provence’s gorgeous range of soaps and scents, and its packaging is perfect for the bathroom. This simple scent has sweet, herby notes of anise and musky, spicy patchouli; we love it for warm summer evenings. It was one of the most pervasive diffusers we tried too.

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Hobo + Co oakwood + tobacco reed diffuser: £27, Of Cabbages & Kings

We already love Hobo + Co’s naturally scented soy candles and its line of diffusers is equally as good. Oakwood + tobacco is a smoky, dark blend that Hobo + Co describes as a “man” scent, but we think it will make a perfect cosy companion for all in the colder months.

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Meraki Nordic pine: £15.95, Trouva

This affordable pick from Danish brand Meraki has a spicy, slightly sweet, welcoming scent. It’s quite subtle, so doesn’t throw very far – perhaps reflective of its lower price – but it will easily fill an enclosed space such as a bedroom or bathroom, and we love the minimalist bottle.

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Fellowstead fig, fern & moss reed diffuser: £25, Heals

This, from Fellowstead, the south London-based brand, is a really interesting blend of earthy, green scent and fresher fruity fragrance. It’s a perfectly balanced outdoorsy smell and throws much further than its price tag suggests it might.

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The verdict: reed diffusers

Urban Apothecary’s green lavender diffuser is a fresh, unusual fragrance that we predict everyone will love, and its strong scent throw makes it good value for money too. If you’re after something for a specific room, we suggest Skandinavisk OY for the bathroom and True Grace black lily for the bedroom.

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