The humble coat stand is making a comeback, partly due to the millennials of “generation rent” who want their rentals to be homely, yet be able to take their furniture with them. 

Interiors expert Sonia Pash, co-founder of Temza interior design studios, says: “Coat stands have completed one of those trend circles. Once, they were an absolute must of every hallway until the whole idea of it became old fashioned.

“Designers, as well as homeowners, discovered other solutions such as closed coat storages, built-in hallway furniture, wall-hanging coat racks or just one-off pegs in any sort of number and arrangement, until finally the coat stand came back in a nostalgic way, but it has been completely rethought.

“Many of today’s popular models are nothing like the ones from the past. Clean lines, very stylised, nature inspired shapes and a general Scandi vibe characterise many of the newcomers,” she adds. 

With this in mind we have tested 10 of the best coat stands on the market on the grounds of assembly, aesthetics, and how effective they are to use.

Reclaimed teak coat stand: £135, RAFT furniture

Measuring a sizeable 190cm tall, this is the tallest coat stand tested, and certainly one of the heaviest. Fashioned from sustainably sourced fallen teak branches, the stand comes in one piece, complete with sturdy concrete base. Because of the fact it’s made from fallen branches, be aware that no two stands are the same – the height of the various branches/hooks vary. It’s handmade in Indonesia and given a high-quality smooth finish so there’s no danger of snagging any coats or getting a splinter. The stark contrast between the man-made concrete base and the natural wood reminded us of Salvador Dali’s surrealist work, and makes for an incredibly unusual, eye-catching coat stand, which works as a piece of art in its own right. We found the different levels of hooks very useful, and the heavy base made it extremely sturdy.

Because the hooks are quite slim at the end you can hang coats from their labels and as the base measures just 25cm across, it works well in narrow hallways.

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VonHaus retro coat and umbrella stand: £21.99, Amazon

Influenced by Scandinavian design, this coat stand is a stylish addition to any room. Made from solid pine poles, hooks and legs, it is perfect for creating Instagram-worthy interiors shots. It arrived in a small box in flatpack format but with a hex key to assemble, and was straightforward to do so in minutes. It feels sturdy when assembled and the brilliant thing about this stand is that its built-in MDF table, all in white, has two holes to store umbrellas too.

Measuring 172cm by 40cm, it is tall but compact, and features hooks of different heights, making it easier to find things once hung. It comes with an extended two-year warranty.

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Wooden coat stand: £120, Next

Described as a “salvage” coat stand, the metal hooks create the effect of something that’s been reclaimed, making it perfect for anyone wishing to give their room a bit of individuality. This stand comes in pieces but isn’t hard to assemble. It is heavy, but consequently it’s incredibly sturdy and can withstand even the heaviest winter coats – and lots of them. We like that the hooks don’t protrude far from the stand, and measuring 177cm tall and just 38cm wide, it’s the ideal stand if space is tight.

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Galloway wooden coat rack floor lamp: £139, Cult Furniture

As the name suggests, this one isn’t just for coats – it’s a lamp too. You’ll need to assemble it, though we found it relatively easy to do so. It's made from solid wood, with smaller branches protuding from the two main branches from which to hang your items. We loved the light at the top, which made it easier when searching for a coat. At 180cm high (including the shade) it’s one of the taller stands tested, and the base depth is 60cm so you’ll need a decent amount of space to stand it in. Stylish and multi-functional, it comes in natural wood or brown. 

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Cuckooland’s zuiver white wooden tip coat stand in Scandinavian style: £99, Cuckooland

This flatpacked stand is very easy to put together, coming mostly in white metal with eight wooden-tipped hooks – a design that draws inspiration from the Scandinavian style. At just 39.5cm in diameter it takes up very little floor space, but is incredibly sturdy, ensuring it can hold many heavy coats. We particularly liked the fact that the base was so compact so it could be tucked neatly into a corner if necessary.

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Lind DNA cobra coat/clothes stand: £300, The Organised Home

One of the things we loved about this stand was that it came already assembled. It takes it name from the single piece of stainless metal that curves round at the top to form the hanging rack. Wooden rings ensure that the hangers don’t slide off, and the combination of the stainless steel, oak, and sleek, unusual design ensure it will add a stylish twist to any room. 

At 150cm tall and 60cm wide, it takes up a decent amount of floor space, but is incredibly sturdy with no sign of tipping over – even when burdened with the heaviest of coats. You’ll need hangers to hang clothes on it, and the stand looks particularly effective with the range of unusual hangers that are also available from The Organised Home – at an additional cost.

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Argos home metal coat stand: £24.99, Argos

Another easy to assemble flatpacked product, we loved how compact this coat stand was, with a small circular metal base measuring just 28.5cm. This makes it perfect for small spaces, and also didn’t create a tripping obstacle like some of the stands with legs did. At just 165.5cm high it’s not the tallest, but with six hooks it allows plenty of room for hanging, and the best part is that the hooks are of all different heights, so it’s ideal for both tall and short people, as well as garments of different lengths. It’s very sturdy, and we managed to hang all our heavy coats on it without it toppling.

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Ekrar hat and coat stand: £19, Ikea

As the undisputed kings of flatpacked furniture you wouldn’t expect anything less from Ikea, but with just seven pieces this stand is a doddle to make. Made of steel, with aluminium connectors and plastic feet, it won’t slip, even on the shiniest of surfaces. It measures 169cm high and 63cm wide, so takes up a fair bit of floor space, which makes it more suited to hallways or bedrooms with more space. But it has lots of hooks, at different heights, and is lightweight and quick to disassemble for storage or moving purposes. It’s incredibly affordable too.

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Ivywood hat and coat stand: £21.27, Wayfair

This traditional-looking wooden coat stand comes flat packed in 14 separate pieces. We discovered that you do need to concentrate because some of the pieces look quite similar. Lightweight but sturdy when assembled and with six top hooks for hanging, plus another six slightly below those, there’s copious amounts of hanging space. It takes up relatively little floor space too, making it ideal for space-strapped rooms.

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Craig matte gold metal coat stand: £66.12, Maisons du Monde  

Minimalist, simple, and made of gilded matt gold-tone metal, this coat stand certainly epitomises the current trend for geometric minimalist interior decoration. The tipi-shaped structure means that it’s stable and provides four hooks for hanging coats on. Measuring 180cm high and 43cm across, it was one of the taller stands but still our tester (who is 5ft 5”) could reach the hooks to hang coats easily. Despite being very lightweight it was solid enough to remain balanced with just one heavy coat on, or a couple on each hook. The stand arrives in one piece, but once in situ the sleek design doesn’t take up too much floor space. It’s a beautiful piece though, and looks good with or without coats on.

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The verdict: Coat stands

The RAFT reclaimed teak coat stand is a piece of art, with or without the coats. Stylish and beautifully crafted from natural wood and concrete, it certainly creates an impact and is quite unique. Practical, because it doesn’t take up too much floor space, and with multiple-height hanging hooks, it is sturdy and effective.

But if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, the VonHaus retro coat and umbrella stand captures the current trend for Scandi design, can hold multiple coats at different heights, and also has a handy umbrella-storage at the bottom. It’s quirky, stylish and very useful.

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