Nobody wants to spend their summer nights kicking off the duvet because it’s making them feel too hot and clammy, then feeling too cold because they’ve got no covering at all.

Which is exactly why you need prepare for the season ahead with the right summer weight bedding.

While some duvets can be used comfortably all year round, most have different seasonal options, based on tog ratings.

The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet, with anything below 7.5 tog suitable for warmer months – although some people prefer as little as 1 tog.

But don’t just consider the tog rating – there’s the filling type to think of too. While some people prefer the feel of synthetic duvets made from the likes of pure microfibre or microfibre with added anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Amicor, others will settle for nothing less than natural down, feather (or a mix of the two) or wool.

Some of the duvets in our roundup have other filling options too, including Outlast – a Nasa designed thermo regulating fabric which responds to a couple’s differing body temperatures.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, check your duvet covers all bases on that front and consider more breathable duvets too, especially for the warmer season.

And always make sure the filling is evenly distributed – you don’t want all that expensive goose down slipping down to your toes while you lie under nothing more than a sheet. Don’t forget the casing either, which should feel soft against the skin.

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Devon Duvets 4-7 tog lightweight wool duvet: From £100, Devon Duvets

Pure wool duvets can feel weighty and dense, but this one – which is the equivalent of between 4-7 tog – feels light and airy. It’s machine washable, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, with no bleaches or chemicals whatsoever. All the wool is 100 per cent certified British and the duvets are handcrafted in Devon, supporting local farms and businesses which helps keep the carbon footprint small. We like the soft 260 thread count cotton casing and the fact that all packaging (and the duvet itself) is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly product.

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Fogarty 1 tog duvet: From £20, Dunelm

Many 1-tog duvets feel more like 2 or 3 tog in reality. Not so with this one that’s as lightweight as they come – perfect for those who don’t like their bedding to have a lot of bulk, but for whom just a mere sheet feels a step too far. Made in the UK from soft hollowfibre with a soft-to-the-touch cotton cover, this wispy duvet is also non allergic and machine washable. And it comes in at a mere twenty quid for a single.

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The Simba hybrid 10.5 tog duvet: From £195, John Lewis & Partners

For couples who disagree about the bedtime temperature (“This bed is like sleeping in an oven”, versus “What planet are you on? It’s bloody freezing” etc), this machine washable duvet will save the day and possibly even the relationship. Outlast is the magic ingredient – a Nasa designed thermo regulating fabric which reacts to you and your partner’s differing body temperatures and the temperature outside. Made from 90 per cent down and 10 per cent feathers, it’s also moisture wicking, so you don’t sweat, and it’s good for all year round.

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Slumberdown summer cool 4.5 tog duvet: From £11, Argos

Plump yet lightweight, this duvet has been created especially for people who like to remain cool on warmer nights, but who also like more fill to their bedding than a skimpy layer draping over them. The hollowfibre filling helps regulate body temperature and drives heat away from the body and it’s machine washable at 40 degrees, as well as being suitable for tumble drying. It has a bargain basement price-tag too.

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Gingerlily summer weight 2-4tog silk filled duvet: From £130, Gingerlily

For centuries, silk has been recognised for adapting to both your individual body temperature and the temperature of the room, keeping you cool at all times. But some silks, such as this 100 per cent Mulberry, are better than others, with this one draping so gracefully and lightly over you that you barely feel it. It’s good for allergy sufferers because it’s dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, and it has buttons in case you decide to transform it into a winter weight duvet later on.

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Tielle savoy feather and down 4.5 tog duvet: From £90, Tielle

This cosy blend of 70 per cent duck feather and 30 per cent duck down (all ethically sourced and suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers) is good for “snugglers” – those that like a bit of weight and fluffiness to their bedding but without it feeling too weighty or overbearing. The natural fill, which stays evenly distributed throughout the duvet rather than gathering in pockets, is moisture-wicking and the 100 per cent cotton casing keeps it breathable. No wonder that together with the 10.5 tog version, it’s so popular among luxury hotels.

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Soak & Sleep 3 tog linen duvet: From £65, Soak & Sleep

Linen is good at drawing heat away from the body, with the manufacturers claiming the heat conductivity is actually five times higher than wool. Linen, they say, also helps remove perspiration away from the skin, absorbing 20 per cent of its own weight in water without feeling wet to the touch. We can’t vouch for these claims, but we were impressed: not a hint of clamminess even on a humid night, with the cotton casing remaining cool to the touch and the 50/50 linen cotton mix filling giving a snug yet lightweight covering.

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Eve anti allergy 4.5 tog summer duvet: From £30, Eve Sleep

If allergy sufferers don’t choose their bedding carefully, they can be in for a broken night’s sleep, especially in summertime. But the filling in this breathable, anti-allergy hollowfibre duvet gets the British Allergy Foundation’s seal of approval for reducing symptoms such as coughing and wheeziness, which is all thanks to an active ingredient called zinc pyrithione which fights off bacteria, fungus and dust mites. It’s available in winter (10.5 tog) and summer (4.5 tog), the latter of which is thinner but still gives a good drape over the body, catering for both warm nights as well as cooler ones. You can wash it at 60C, a temperature that kills dust-mites.

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Ikea sötvedel 7.5 tog duvet: From £65, Ikea

If you are prone to feeling the cold, even in the summer, this is a great choice. The duck down and feathers with soft cotton casing feel snug, but it stays breathable throughout the night so you never wake up feeling clammy. At 7.5, the tog rate is higher than most of the duvets in this roundup but we didn’t find it too warm and it’s surprisingly slimline. You can bung it in the washing machine at 60C with no worries of it being too bulky and as it comes vacuum packed, it’s very easy to transport – handy if you need to take it on holidays.

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The White Company soft and light 4.5 tog breathable duvet: From £45, The White Company

The White Company caters for all tastes, seasons and budgets with its wide range of duvets. For summer, we like this 4.5 tog one that features Modal micro-fibre, which is derived from natural wood pulp and is designed to help wick moisture away from the body. It genuinely feels like down, which makes it ultra-cosy, and there’s not a single lump to be felt even after years of use. It also lives up to its name of being soft and light, with a gorgeously smooth 200-thread-count cotton percale casing.

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The verdict: Summer weight duvets

It doesn’t come cheap, but Devon Duvets’ lightweight wool duvet is a sheer joy to sleep under during the summer months, and it lasts a long time too. For a budget buy, Slumberdown’s summer cool 4.5 tog duvet is a steal for just over a tenner. And for couples who have different ideas about whether it’s hot or cold, the Simba Hybrid duvet could be a marriage-saver.

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