Although many of us grew up with computers, for children nowadays, tablets are the way to go.

They are the versatile, portable do-it-all machines that can encourage children to learn, read, and in many circumstances can be the main tool for homework.

Of course, they’re also great for playing games and watching videos too. Tablets for children usually feature parental controls and, in some cases, are designed to be extra robust.

Amazon’s tablets stand out for this, thanks to a supplied case to protect against drops and a no-questions-asked replacement service.

Some tablets here are just as suitable for adults but are featured because they have many apps for learning or, in the case of the Apple iPad and iPad mini, because they are now compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus, making them even more education-friendly.

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The verdict: Kids’ tablets

Amazon’s take on kids’ tablets is exemplary and works brilliantly. Its Kids Edition tablets are pricier than the regular ones but are worth the extra. The 10” Amazon Fire 10 HD kids edition is the best, but the other two are worth a look.

The out-and-out best tablet for build quality, design and range of apps is the Apple iPad, especially now that all Apple tablets work with the optional stylus. Although the iPad is great value, it’s still a little too pricey to win the top spot here. The Kurio Tab Connect is a fun, affordable tablet which children, even very young kids, are likely to enjoy.

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