If you’re looking to make your home cinema a little more cinematic, or just want a screen that you can put away when it’s not being used, projectors can bring the magic of the multiplex to your living room.

Projectors come in a range of sizes and prices, and we’ve tried and tested a range to find a selection to suit different spaces and budgets.

1. Acer C120: £184.06, eBuyer.com

This comes in a tiny box, but can still chuck out a decent and bright picture. It uses a USB output, which helps to make it so tiny but means it will work only with PCs. There’s some trade-off between image and size, but this punches above its weight.

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2. AAXA P300, £333, amazon.co.uk

Here’s another tiny projector, bigger than the Acer but still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and this one is bright. Perfect for smaller spaces, since it can also throw out a big image over a short distance.

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3. Sony VPL-SX235, £539.78, amazon.co.uk

This can make a big image in a very small space – perfect for little rooms, since it can be close to the wall or screen you’re projecting the image on to. It’s bright and clear, though since it’s primarily made for presentations from computers rather than films, it’s not as sharp as other competitors.

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4. Acer K137, £450, amazon.co.uk

Portable enough to be carried around, but good enough that you don’t have to compromise, this has bright and colourful pictures and good sound from a small box, and works well in a small room.

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5. ViewSonic PLED-W800, £496.69, ballicom.co.uk

If you’re after something that will double up for home screenings and work presentations, this compact, portable projector is a winner. Built to last, this is more resilient than many other machines on the market.

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6. Optoma W316, £336.99, currys.co.uk

This packs in many of the features of the more expensive projectors, such as 3D and the ability to send video over wi-fi, but at a (relatively) low price. Big and not exactly beautiful, but great for its price.

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7. Optoma S310, £209.99, currys.co.uk

Long-lasting and bright, but still fairly cheap, this is a straightforward but economical projector. It hasn’t got some of the flashier features that its more expensive competitors have, but it still has a bright picture and a long life.

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8. Epson EB-S03, £245.37, amazon.co.uk

Kinder to your pocket, while keeping the sharp detail and brightness of other projectors, this has special settings to keep the power usage down.

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9. Benq W1070, £469.95, richersounds.com

This has a huge image powered by a bright bulb, so it won’t get washed out if the room’s not dark. It’s perhaps not as slick as some of the other projectors featured here, but you won’t notice that as you’re looking at the beautiful images it’s shooting out.

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10. Epson EH-TW5100, £491.99, ebuyer.com

This is a brilliant all-rounder: sharp images, easy to use, with 3D pictures. It’s a bit bulky and it gets hot, but if you’ve the space this will easily light up your living room. It’ll also show a big picture in a small space.

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11. Epson EH-TW9200W: £2999.95, richersounds.com

A range of technologies team up to give this high-end (and high-priced) projector a stunning picture – as well as 3D and wireless video. It’s chunky and expensive, but if you’re looking to pay for something luxury – this is it.
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Size is, ultimately, what matters with projectors – and which is best will depend on how big you want your picture and projector to be. But the Epson EH-TW5100 gives beautiful pictures and all of the most important features, without taking too much of your room or budget up.

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