Although vegan products are becoming increasingly easier to find, it can still require a bit of forward planning to ensure you stick to your guns.

That’s where having a subscription service that brings the tasty, animal-free treats to you can make life so much easier.

Not only will this ensure you never run out of plant-based foodstuffs to power you through the day, many will also open your eyes to brand new products and flavours along the way.

Of course, a vegan subscription box might also appeal if you’re transitioning from veggie to full-time vegan, giving Veganuary a go, or are simply trying to reduce your reliance on animal products.

All of which are to be applauded! You don’t have to be a full-time vegan to do your bit for the planet. Even cutting down your meat consumption can be hugely beneficial for both your own health and the environment.

In fact, according to our friends at allplants, if everyone in Britain went plant-based two days a week, we would:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – the equivalent to taking 54 per cent of cars off the road;
  • Save enough water to provide 11 years worth of showers for every person in the UK;
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 20 per cent by eating less red meat;
  • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Of course, it’s not just food and drink that can be vegan, we’ve also included boxes brimming with beauty products, recipe boxes that will inspire you with delicious one-pot meals – and some subscription boxes that offer a little bit of both food and wellness products if you just can’t decide.

When considering what box is right for you, think about how often you’d like to receive a delivery (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or less regularly) and if there are any other dietary requirements you might have (gluten-, dairy- or nut-free, for example).

Whatever your reasons, make your letterbox a little happier with one of these all-vegan subscription boxes.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Abel & Cole vegan one-pot wonder recipe box: £15, Abel & Cole

We don’t make many new year’s resolutions, but one we’re keen to stick to is batch cooking in order to enjoy lots of lovely homemade lunches throughout the week. Abel & Cole has come up with this clever weekly subscription, which will always be vegan, cooks in one pot or tray and makes six portions.

We enjoyed our roast squash, butterbean and hazelnut traybake hot, cold, and with a spoonful of hummus later in the week. And because the ingredients are always fresh and ambient, the box doesn’t need “woolcool” (the insulation to keep things cold) making it 100 per cent suitable for vegans. Not only that but they also chuck in a selection of seasonal organic fruit – we got bananas, pears and persimmons (a new one for us).

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allplants subscription box: from £40.50 for six single servings, allplants

We get it, you’ve got the best of intentions for Veganuary. However, after a long day at work and an empty fridge staring back at you, it can be tricky to stick to your guns. That’s where allplants comes in. It delivers a box of healthy, plant-based meals, to your door, which you pop in the freezer until you need them. They can be cooked from frozen in either the microwave or the oven and come in either single portions, or double serves to share.

From creamy mac and greens to spicy Thai green curry, they’ll all contain at least two of your five a day and can be bought as a one-off or on a subscription service which saves you 12 per cent on the price. We particularly like that you can drop off the boxes and packaging at any Collect+ store and they will be reused. Healthy, convenient food that will keep you on track this Veganuary and beyond.

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The Goodness Project vegan goodness box: from £8.50 per month, The Goodness Project

The Vegan Goodness Box was created by Anna Szanto, who after feeling frustrated by the limited availability of healthy, natural, vegan, gluten-free products, decided to make it easier for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Arriving in a leaf-print box, our goodies were wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a pretty brown paper bow.

There were 10 items in total, both sweet and savoury, including Pip & Nut’s brand new butter cups which we’re slightly obsessed with and a bag of Native’s “cheesy” popped lotus seeds. Being a December box, they also included seasonal treats such as a festive mini-cracker filled with Cocoa Libre’s vegan, gluten and nut-free chocolate penguins and even chucked in a mini wild-fig and grape-scented candle. They promise to never send the same products twice, so it really does feel like your birthday every month.

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The Pip Box cruelty-free beauty box: from £20, The Pip Box

Named after founder Sofi’s dog Pip, this is a cruelty-free beauty box in which you’ll receive five, full-size products, worth an average of £55 a box. Perfect for the beauty fanatic who loves discovering new brands but hates single-use plastic, our goodies included lip gloss, cleansing balm and face primer as well as a sheet mask that smelled of apple and cranberry. If you feel like you’re getting more stuff then you can use up, it’s super easy to skip a month and 10 per cent off all profits are donated to the charity Animal Free Research UK.

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Lifebox subscription box: from £22, Lifebox

This large box, which arrived tied with a big silky bow, featured all of our favourite vegan brands, including Rebel Kitchen, Pip & Nut and Deliciously Ella. The helpful welcome booklet ensures you get the most out of your goodies but the contents are all designed to keep your snacking healthy, whether you’re off to the gym or sitting at your desk.

There were also four recipes provided, including gluten-free stuffing with cranberry sauce that includes the packet of Amisa falafel mix provided and a winter-warming porridge that used up the Mawish liquid balance powder (which tasted like salted caramel). All products are vegan, gluten and dairy-free and delivery is included in the price.

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The Cruelty Free Beauty Box: from £22.95, The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

Here there are three cruelty-free beauty boxes to choose from – mini (three to six products), original (five to eight) or deluxe (with seven to 12 products), all of which are delivered once every two months. The contents menu is printed on seed paper which can be placed in soil, watered and turned into a living plant, while the box itself is made from sugar cane. We received eight products in our original box, ranging from Bowe Organics lip-rescue balm with raspberry seed oil and shea butter to our favourite Tisserand Sleep-Better Pillow Mist, which we swear by for a good night’s sleep. In total, the contents came to an impressive £69.10, according to the RRPs provided.

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Natural Wellness Box bi-monthly subscription: from £35, Natural Wellness Box

This probably had our favourite selection of beauty treats, although it was one of the more expensive. Everything had a very calming nature – from the "breathe deep, seek peace" drops we used before bed, to the chamomile tea bag, to the delicious-smelling pink detox bath soak and the full-size lavender candle from Bloomtown UK, which is made with a natural coconut and soy-wax blend. The pretty pink paper packaging was the icing on the cake. You’ll receive five to seven items in each delivery, all centred around wellness.

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Healthy Nibbles vegan snack box: from £12, Healthy Nibbles

Whether you’re after a little box to keep on standby or are feeling super generous and want to treat your whole office, the Healthy Nibbles vegan box comes in two sizes: mini (five snacks, both sweet and savoury) and Office 30 (30 snacks). In our mini box we tucked into a high-fibre coconut chocolate bar with a tasty oaty filling, dried mango slices and Doisy & Dam dark chocolate with maple-toasted rice and pink salt. The brand even has healthy vending machines in the Transport for London network, so look out for them next time you’re underground and feeling peckish.

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Vegan Apron recipe box: from £74, Vegan Apron

Although there are plenty of recipe boxes out there that cater to vegans, there are fewer brands that are 100 per cent vegan, and fewer still that cater for family veganism. The Vegan Apron boxes are aimed at families that want to try plant-based eating at least five times a week. The family box (which is now the smallest box they do) contains five recipes for two adults plus two hungry children, and is designed to make mealtimes easier and get your kids eating their greens. No kids? Freeze smaller portions and use them when you’re ready. Recipes can be sorted by gluten or nut-free and they only use recycled plastic, glass and cardboard in their packaging. We tucked into huge portions of shepherdess pie and were mightily impressed with our giant sweet potatoes loaded with marinated tofu, avocado, peanuts and a spicy satay sauce.

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TheVeganKind vegan lifestyle subscription box: from £10, TheVeganKind

We received a good selection of sweet and savoury snacks, including a large bag of Slabs’s “turkey roast” chunky crisps that we couldn’t believe were vegan, although our vegan panettone was a little dry. The booklet provided gives you more info on your selection, including RRPs that show what good value the box really is. Alongside the edible treats, there's also a recipe card in each box – ours was for a layered pavlova with coconut cream, taken from Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats cookbook. After six months of subscribing they’ll kindly send you a ring binder to keep them all safe. It’s not all food, though: each month they include an “inedible extra”, which in this case was a super-festive figgy-puddy Christmas candle. And for extra feel-good vibes, TheVeganKind donate to a different animal charity each month on your behalf.

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Nutribox subscription box: from £14, Nutribox

Choose from a large (40 products), small (20) or slim letterbox-friendly-sized subscription (10), all of which will be packed with healthy vegan and gluten-free snacks. We had a huge selection in our small box, with highlights including Cheeky P’s curry-flavoured roasted chickpeas, nut mixes, olives, dried fruit and quinoa chips. Although there are no ‘extras’, such as recipes or welcome booklets, the products are so densely packed that we were very happy and definitely felt like we had enough to keep us sated all month.

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Greedy Lama subscription box: from £10, Greedy Lama

Although this box will contain treats that are ready to eat (such as Eat Real chilli and lime quinoa chips), the bulk of goodies are designed to be used in the kitchen. It’s a great way of discovering new vegan products and ensuring your cupboards are ready stocked and raring to go when you get in from work. We worked our way through nutritional yeast (the powder that makes stuff taste cheesy while giving you a vitamin B12 boost), braised tofu and Whole Earth peanut butter.

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The verdict: vegan subscription boxes

With such a broad array of subscription services, it was very hard picking a winner. Overall, we think Abel & Cole’s vegan one-pot wonder recipe box will prove the most useful to our life. You can’t help but feel like you’re winning at life when you’ve made a healthy packed lunch, and you’re way more likely to stick to this if everything you need is delivered to your doorstep.

But if you’re simply after snacks to satisfy your daily cravings, a Lifebox subscription offers an excellent selection of both well-known and new brands. For beauty treats, we found that Natural Wellness Box had the best selection, with many products we’d choose to buy again once they’ve run out.

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